Friday, April 3, 2020

Today Is Friday....Right??

I'm having trouble keeping my days straight during this time of quarantine.  I was able to escape the last two days to The Nuthouse (which was wonderful), but Friday's just don't seem to hold the same specialness (is that even a word?) as they used to.  Maybe it's because I am home all the time now and I have started to become a bit stir crazy here.  Maybe it's because although I am fortunate to still be working and collecting a paycheck, I really am not as productive as I was before all of this insanity started.  So even though a "normal" Friday a few weeks ago may have brought about mischief as our masked friend in the meme above is advertising, there will be no mischief here today! Another boring weekend in quarantine with my furry boyz!

Our Friday morning started with a Zoom conference call. Everyone was there (where else would they be) and the beards of those who have put their razor in quarantine are coming in quite nicely.  Do I work for a manufacturing company or a tree clearing service?  Rachel was coiffed, dressed up and ready to go.  Good for her, I was showered and in pajama pants and a tee shirt - that's as good as it gets for me these days.  The Boss did not don his hazmat suit and he actually seems a bit calmer than during past calls/conferences.  Maybe his wife has him taking some sort of medication so he isn't as hyper.  A "medicated" Boss might be the only way she can handle being confined with him for such an extended period of time.  Honestly, I sometimes worry for her sanity during this time.  I hope someone is periodically checking in on her....

The Boss lead the call by bringing everyone up to date on the work orders that went out yesterday and he thanked the warehouse staff and myself on more than one occasion for getting everything done.  He promised the warehouse staff that he would not forget how they stepped up and came in to do what needed to be done.  He updated us on the current status of the virus spread and again assured us we would be back to normal before we knew it.  It's like having our own private virus press conference during our calls with him.  Sometimes I think he gives these pep talks more for himself than us, but hey, if it makes him feel better, great!

We all talked, laughed and had a virtual lunch together.  Some of the lunch choices were hilarious; for example, Alex was eating lunch by candlelight.  We were all initially concerned he didn't have power, but he said he considered this lunch special and it deserved a special ambiance.  We also took the time to introduce everyone to our in house, furry footed co-workers.  It was comforting to hear that everyone had the same complaint - their co-workers are slackers and don't do anything at all during the day.  These group is nuts, but I like (and miss) them and their craziness.  I think they may be slowing bringing me aboard their crazy train.

Maybe I have been fighting it all along....Hello, my name is Nutty Wone and I might be a Nuttie too!  I, along with my slacker co-workers, Cooper and Milo wish you a wonderful and safe weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

I Escaped Quarantine To Go To The Nuthouse!

I should start off by saying although our state is under a "stay at home" order, our business is considered essential, so we are able to stay operational.  The Boss has decided that for our safety and the safety of our families we are going to stay closed and adhere to the stay at home order and only go in (in a reduced staff capacity), if needed.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up and was looking forward to seeing real humans rather than just Cooper and Milo (sorry boys, nothing personal).  I showered, dressed and was out the door by 10 AM (yup, I slept in a bit because I was going to miss my daily nap😁 ).  When I arrived, the warehouse staff was already there diligently working on the orders that needed to be processed, music was playing and they were laughing.  It was so nice to see Adam, Alex and Wayne and I think they were happy to be there too.  I went into my office area and it looked just as I had left it last week.  I turned on the computer and started my day!  It almost seemed "normal."

By noon, I had spoken with The Boss three times and assured him that everything was running smoothly and no one was too concerned about being in the office together (and yes, we were keeping the 6' social distance).   He also asked me if I was wearing a mask and gloves (which I wasn't).  He said to make sure everyone left as soon as they were finished and to get back home. 

The guys finished the orders by 5 PM, but it was too late to ship, so I said that I would come in on Thursday (today) and wait for the truckers to come for the pick up.  Adam scheduled them before he left and they assured us they would arrive before noon on Thursday.  The guys did a great job and I made sure The Boss was aware that everything was finished and ready to go tomorrow morning.  We really do have a great group of people here - weird, but a great group!

I went back to the office today and waited for the truckers to arrive to pick up the orders.  In the meantime, I packed some more office crap and put them aside for loading into the trailer.  Although I was there by myself, it was nice to feel like I was getting something accomplished.  The trucks arrived by 1 PM and everything was loaded and on its way to the customers.  I generated the invoices and sent them out.   I spoke to The Boss at 3 PM, told him everything was gone and I was on my way home.  I think he was relieved that the orders had gone out and that our customers were being taken care of.

I arrived back home around 4 PM and was happy to see Cooper and Milo laying on the couch together.  I think these two dumb asses just act like they don't like each other when I am around.  When I came in, they both lifted their heads and looked towards the door - I almost think I saw a bit of disappointment when they realized I was back.  Suck it up you two - I'm here ALL DAY tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Can You See Me Now??

Today was my most difficult since the quarantine started.  Today, I tried to talk with my parents thorough FaceTime.  I know what you are thinking - why would you put yourself through that pain and suffering?  Why would you start your day off with such a task?  Do you like poking yourself in the eye with your own finger (because I was sure this is what this task is going to feel like)?

As I mentioned, my parents live a couple of time zones away and since I have been working from home, they have started phoning me every other morning.  I decided that today was they day we were going to FaceTime, rather than just converse on the phone.  I wanted to see them (to make sure they were okay) and I know my Mom doesn't believe that I have been eating properly - so we could kill two birds with one stone as they say.

During previous conversations, I had talked with them about how FaceTime works and they seemed eager to try it out.  So, this morning, I rang them up (they don't have cell phones, just a land line) and told them that I would be calling on FaceTime.  We hung up and I called them on FaceTime - it just rang and rang and they didn't pick up.  I phoned them again to see what the problem was and they said their phone never rang.  Ughh....I am embarrassed to say, I believe I rolled my eyes (sorry, Mom) and reminded them that the telephone would not ring, it would be their IPad.  We disconnected and tried again.  Again, it just rang and no one picked up.  Just then, I began to question my decision making for the day.  Should just speak to them on the phone and be happy with that?  Why am I going to get annoyed trying to make this work?  But, I went against my better judgement and soldiered on!  This task would not beat me!

I phoned once again and after some discussion we discovered that the volume was turned down on the IPad, so no one could hear the ringing.  My Dad then proceeded to tell me he is always telling my Mom to turn "that blasted thing" down because it is drowning out his radio (I am in parent hell right now).  I rang FaceTime once again and hallelujah they answered!  Now, I thought the rest would be easy....but no, Nutty Wone does not get off that easy!  Now the fun can begin!

First off, they were so happy to see me!  I, on the other hand, am sorry to report, that I could not say the same.  I was happy with the idea of seeing them, but for some reason, they wouldn't just leave the damn IPad in one place and sit in front of the camera.  They each felt the need to hold it to speak with me.  With each equipment trade off, I became a bit more dizzy.  Each time they held it I would get a great view of their shoulder, the living room ceiling, the coffee table and I even got the opportunity to see the arse end of their cat Oliver (FYI, Oliver needs to pay a little better attention to his back end).  I tried telling them that I couldn't see them, but they were too busy talking over each other to tell me about their lives since our last conversation.  I finally gave up and was able to check out the things in my old house while they told me their stories. 

After about an hour, I think they felt better because they were able to see and talk to me (and my Mom believes that I am eating properly).  I also liked being able to talk to them, even if I couldn't really "see" them.  I think a couple more lessons and some more screen time and they should be experts!  We will try this again - once I recuperate from this attempt!

Tomorrow, I escape quarantine and go to The Nuthouse!  Is it insane that I am looking forward to going there???  Until tomorrow!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Is This My New Normal?

I think this may be my new "normal."  Me, Cooper and Milo - the three amigos, the three musketeers, the three stooges, the newest boy band!

We didn't have our video conference call today (I was actually looking forward to it), it is rescheduled for later in the week.  I spoke to The Boss on numerous occasions today; the topic of conversation was if the warehouse staff could/would come in for a couple of hours to get some materials out the door.  As you know some areas of the country have been hit harder than others by the virus, so some people are still working and are in need of the materials we manufacture.  I said I thought that they would be willing to come in and complete the in house orders (considering they are still getting a paycheck).  I also offered to come in and process the invoices and pay any bills that are due.  I know The Boss is concerned about "catching" something, so it is the least I could do considering I am not getting much accomplished just sitting at home.  I don't think it will break Milo's heart to have me absent for a couple of hours.

Actually, I am getting some things accomplished, unfortunately, they are just not work related.  I have discovered I am becoming an expert at napping.  I think Milo may be jealous of my mad nap skills - I can tell, he still looks at me in a disgusted manner, its just different look than usual...jealousy!  I am able to sleep all night, get up in the morning and still feel sleepy enough in the afternoon to nap....just call me Milo, Jr.!

I am also turning into someone who doesn't totally suck at cooking.  Much to my parents delight, I am keeping myself sustained and alive during this time of uncertainty.  My parents are a couple of time zones away and are both doing well, but seemed to be overly worried that I am not eating enough.  My meals (what they are, where they came from and when I am eating them) is an ongoing topic of conversation.  Now that they know I have been working from home, they are in the habit of calling me every other morning.  It is nice to catch up with them and to  hear how they are keeping themselves from killing each other.  The things they tell me about the other annoying them is hilarious!  They have been married many years and I think this may be the most time they have spent together and alone in a very long time.

The Boss spoke with the warehouse staff and they agreed to come in on Wednesday - so it looks like I am breaking out of this joint for a little while this week.  It will feel good to get in my car for something other than a ride to the grocery store.  Tomorrow morning is the call with my parents.  I am a glutton for punishment - I am going to attempt to facetime with them.  I have given them the low down on how facetime works and they say they are comfortable using it.  We shall see tomorrow morning.  I guess, they really just want to "see" their little boy!

See you tomorrow Nutties!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

What Is Happening In My "Personal Nuthouse"

I think Cooper was able to hold Milo off beyond day four of the quarantine, but this meme is a fair representation of what is going on in my personal Nuthouse.  Milo is a thug - I always knew he had a bit of an edge to him, but this forced "family time" has not brought out his best side.

Keep in mind, Cooper loves Milo and just wants to be his friend.  Actually Cooper is a dog...he wants to be everyone's friend and Milo is having none of it.   I think he is sick and tired of having me home and is showing is displeasure by torturing Cooper.  I'm sure Cooper will win him over - at this rate, he has no choice.  I think I'm going to be here at least through next week, so Mr. Thug Life will have to suck it up.  I better be careful, if they become friends, I am outnumbered!

On more important note - I attempted cookies again today (peanut butter) and they turned out awesome!  No, I didn't work out today (stop judging), but there is always tomorrow - god knows I'll be here!

Enjoy your weekend Nutties and stay safe.  Look for my next report from the personal and the "real" Nuthouse on Monday!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

We Used Zoom Today!

As I'm sure everyone by now knows, Zoom is a video conferencing app which has become extremely popular during this time of quarantine.  We decided yesterday we would do a video conference (rather than just audio), so we could actually see everyone.   I told them how much fun my friends and I had using it during our "virtual happy hour" on Friday.  Everyone thought it would be fun - almost like we were all together.

At approximately 10 AM we all got together and it was so nice and weird to see everyone.  Many of my coworkers have chosen not to shave during their quarantine, so many looked a bit lumberjack-ish.  Some pulled it off better than others.  The Boss showed a bit of his humorous side today and came to his screen with his respirator on and we all got a really big laugh.  Having some distance from him has shown me not only is he generous (remember, this man is still paying us all) and he does have a sense of humor.

We all caught up on the business aspect of our lives.  The salespeople are having just as difficult of a time as I am at reaching anyone.  Our work world seems to have been put on hold for a while.  The Boss removed his respirator and reminded us all that this too will blow over and we will be back to work before we know it.  He also told us that our new targeted move in date to the Hobbes Street property is May 1. I think we are all looking forward to getting back and going to a new place will be nice.

Once we got all the work talk out of the way, we actually spent the next hour or so just catching up with each other.  Everyone inquired about families, children and how people were handling being quarantined with not only their children, but also their spouse.  Some had some very funny stories and many are comically concerned because their TP supply is running low.  The Boss (who loves to buy TP...remember), told everyone not to worry about the supply of TP, he can help anyone out who needs it (I know he was being serious, and I don't think he was trying to be funny, but I laughed out loud.  I could almost see him, in full hazmat gear, delivering rolls of TP to the front stoops of his employees).

After we all caught up, we decided that we need to video conference at least once a week!  We all realized that we actually missed each other.  If anything good comes of this weird time, I think people might actually begin to appreciate each other more.  We signed off and I know I felt a little better and not as weird being at home today - I hope everyone else did too.

Now, for the most important part of my day (at least according to Cooper) - time for walk!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day Three - Illustrated In Memes!

Yup, it's still weird getting up, taking a shower and not having anyplace to actually go to.

I tried to make a few phone calls, but there is no one out there...maybe we are extinct and I am the lone survivor!

I'm only turning it on for background noise. Okay, I'll be honest, I actually watched for over two hours.  Stop judging me, damn it!

I told you Milo hates me and my mere presence here.  If I am to be perfectly honest, I don't trust this feline at all! When he finally does crack, just remember, I warned you he was evil!

I have been working out (two days in a row), so I deserve a treat (are you judging me again?)  Yeah, I guess those treats cannot be made by me.  A bonus, the smoke detector is working just wonderfully after that battery change a while ago. Yes, Cooper "sang" along with it too!

At least Cooper loves me and is still happy I am here.   Although he is getting a bit greedy and expects both a lunch and late afternoon walk.

I do have a desire to work, there is just no one else around....anywhere.  Maybe I'll call The Boss and bother him.  I think I may be looking forward to our next conference call.....what is wrong with me? 

See you tomorrow for day four of my saga!