Friday, January 29, 2021

We Are Open for Business!


Much to my dismay and disappointment, I received a text around dinner time last evening letting me know that the furnace was up and running.  Unfortunately for me, that would mean back to work on Friday morning. 😠  I broke the news to Cooper and Milo that their best bud would not be spending the following day with them feeding them snacks and taking long naps - needless to say, I could see the sadness in their eyes.

When I woke up this morning and took Cooper out, it was still really cold (below zero) and fortunately, he didn't waste any time completing his business and we were back in the warm house.  As I got dressed for work, I knew (because I am a smart boy), that it was still going to be fricken freezing in The Nuthouse.  Honestly, The Nuthouse is NEVER what a normal person would consider warm, it just varies on different levels of cool and cold during the winter months.  Knowing that, I made sure I dressed appropriately; for me that would mean jeans, a big sweater, my ski coat, beanie and gloves.  I was bound and determined not to have my teeth chatter all day and I hoped these fashion choices would help.

When I arrived, some of my co-workers were already there and they too made sure they were wearing the "Nuthouse Cold Weather Uniform".  All in all, the group of us looked like we were out trekking in Antarctica and just stopped into The Nuthouse for a quick visit.  We clearly had the same idea and once we entered the building, we knew we had planned our outfits correctly!  The Nuthouse was still REALLY cold!  The thermostat read 67 degrees, but I still think it was still lying.

The Boss said that the repair man was on site for well over two hours and was finally able to get the furnace up and running around 4:30 PM.  He couldn't explain why it had stopped working or what, if anything, was wrong with it, but it is running now.  So, this means that we have no idea why it wasn't working or when it might decide not to work again.  Oh, great!  This furnace is a ticking time bomb, a freezing disaster waiting to happen.  I think I should pack some winter gear in my desk for future breakdowns, because you know it will happen and on the coldest day possible.

I did my month-end crap and by 3 PM I was still cold, tired and ready to go home.  I asked The Boss if it would be okay to duck out a bit early today and he didn't have a problem with it.  I was back home and starting the thawing out process by 3:45 PM.  The boys were happy to see me and guess what -  I don't plan to move again from this spot until Monday morning.  I hope by then this frigid air mass will have moved on and we can go back to just "normal," cold winter temperatures.

Enjoy your weekend Nutties!  Talk next week!

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