Monday, July 13, 2020

Company Car vs Ditch...Who Will Be Victorious?

Welcome to Monday Nutties; I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend!  Today was going to be the first time I spent the entire day in the office in over a week.  It was nice to be back and get my mind off some of the things going on in my crazy life.

When I arrived this morning I saw that the chemical signage that the fire marshal told us was required had not only arrived, but had been attached to the outside of the building (click here to read about our visit with the fire marshal).  I also noticed some very small numbers underneath that chemical sign - our building number.  I guess we remain under "deep cover" - The Boss still doesn't want our company name outside, but he did post the building number as the marshal had requested.  We should now pass with flying colors once he returns for his re-check.

As I was catching up with my work, I heard The Boss on the phone with a car repair shop concerning a vehicle he had brought in for service.  I didn't think anything of it and the call slipped my mind until just after The Boss left to retrieve the mail from the post office box.  As soon as he crossed the outside threshold of the building, Drew said I had missed a hilarious story while I was gone. Everyone stopped what they were doing while Drew recounted the tale of The Company Car vs. The Rail Road Crossing.

It is my understanding that The Boss took the company vehicle somewhere on Thursday morning and during his return trip, had a bit of a mishap.  We have a railroad crossing not far from our building and depending upon which direction you are traveling; you may encounter it.  Well, when The Boss attempted to cross it on Thursday, it didn't go so well for the vehicle.  He said he wasn't sure what happened exactly, but the vehicle ended up going off the side of the railroad crossing and the front wheel fell off into a ditch.  It was sitting at such an angle that the front end was lower than the back end.  Drew added that he thought that speed and/or not paying attention were probably factors, but we will never know for sure.

Well, The Boss was unable to extract the company vehicle from the ditch and called the office looking for Drew to help him (of course he called Drew).  Drew then drove his truck to the scene of the crime and said after seeing the car with the damaged front end in the ditch, a flat tire and what looked to be a possible bent axle, there was really nothing he could do to help; they were going to have to call a tow truck.  Drew said that when the tow truck finally arrived the driver chuckled and asked what happened; The Boss quickly responded that a deer had run out in front of him.  Was it a deer or did he not know what happened?   I wonder how many times this "story" is going to change.

I guess I always imagined that any vehicle damage was going to occur on our bumpy, pot hole filled dirt road.  Wrong again Nutty Wone, wrong again - The Boss fooled found another avenue for damage!

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