Saturday, December 19, 2020

With "Friends" Like That....


I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday, but I was sooo pissed off, I am afraid to imagine what I would have written! Let's jump in the "way back" machine and review what occurred yesterday that still has me fuming (and shivering).

As you may remember from my last post (click here for recap), the east coast was hit with quite a large snowstorm - the first big one of the season and my gosh it was big.  When all was said and done, my home had over 35 inches of the white stuff.  The Boss' friend had not shown up to plow the parking lot, so he phoned everyone and declared a snow day!  Needless to say, the warm and fuzzy feelings he generated with that kind gesture quickly disappeared when we all appeared for work yesterday.

Now, as you remember, the dirt road we drive down to gain access to our office is the worst road (if you can call it that) in America.  That being said, it is a town road, so it is the responsibility of the town to keep it plowed and clear.  Strangely enough, once the 30+ inches of snow is packed down in the huge ruts and potholes, the road rides pretty smoothly.  Sorry, I'm getting off topic - back to my story.

When we arrived yesterday morning, the main road leading to our offices had been plowed (thank you to the town).  As I drove down the road, I began to notice familiar looking cars parked out on the main, dirt road.  These cars were those of my co-workers.  As I got closer, I noticed The Boss' car stuck on a snowbank leading into our parking lot. It looked buried and covered in snow.  Then I noticed the real shit show!  Our parking lot was still not plowed!  The Boss' car was still there from the day before when he got stuck trying to get in (then he phoned everyone and declared a snow day).  My Fucking God, our lot still hasn't been plowed! Considering the town road had been plowed, the snow bank to gain access to our lot was well over five feet tall and was more ice than snow!

As I pull up, I see my co-workers attempting to traverse the enormous snow (ice) bank leading to our lot.  They looked like a National Geographic show about goats walking up those huge mountains.  As I was parking, I saw Rachael slip and slide a bit down the "mountain"...that was going to hurt later.  I got out of the car and asked what the hell was going on.  The Boss quickly chimes in and says, " my friend will be here soon to plow us out, in the meantime, let's just get to the office and start the day."

Is this man more insane than I have ordinally thought?  He wants his employees to climb up a five foot high pile of ice and then trek through 30+ inches of snow (which was light in nature and had blown into some drifts much, much taller than me), to get to the office and "start the day."  No one seemed to be saying anything, but I'm sure we were all thinking the same thing - maybe if we kill him and throw him in a snow bank no one will find him until spring!  I know I wouldn't tell!

Well, I began my trek, up the mountainside and back down.  It wasn't sooo bad because most of the snow very firm and ice-like.  Once I got to the other side of the mountain, things dramatically changed.  As I had mentioned, the snowfall was originally light and fluffy, so it also had blown around quite a bit creating large drifts.  Since the snow had been sitting on the parking lot since it fell, it had started to "settle" and get heavier and wetter.  So, picture this, now we have to trek across a large parking lot, in wet snow, well up to our thighs (maybe higher in some spots).  This is total bullshit!

Once we all make it to the walkway leading to front door, I notice that it hasn't even been shoveled!  What the fuck was The Boss doing while he was here yesterday?  It never ever occurred to him to shovel the walkway to the front door.  Nope, we get to the front door and the snow has blown 3/4 of the way up the door.  This day just keeps getting better and better. I'm telling you, killing him keeps looking better and better too!

We finally are able to get into the office; we are tired, cold, our noses are running and we are fricken wet from ass to toes!  Does this fricken rocket scientist expect us to sit here in wet clothes all day?  Yup, he said he would "turn up the heat a bit" to dry everyone out.  Needless to say, the majority of us shivered the entire day!  The heat never really felt warm enough and we were all miserable.  The best part of this story - The Boss had to go out during the day and he made sure to stop at home and pick up some dry clothes for himself.  When he got back from his trip out, he brings a bag into the bathroom and emerges with different (dry) clothes and actually has the audacity to say, "wow, that's better".  I really thought he might die in that moment and I don't think anyone would have cared.

Fast forward to the end of the day - yes, everyone is still cold and wet and guess what?  His "friend" finally shows up - at 4:30 PM!  The asshole didn't even have the ice mountain at the end of the parking lot plowed out by the time we left, so everyone got the honor of getting wet and cold again in an effort to get the fuck out of dodge.  I have to say, I think The Boss is lucky yesterday was a Friday and we all have the weekend off to calm down.  I have never seen so many angry people before in one place; even Mike (the god loving man), was fit to be tied and I actually heard some swear words come out of his mouth (there may be hope for him yet).

Well, it is Saturday morning and I am still cold, but I am able to feel my toes again (I guess that is a plus).  Enjoy you weekend Nutties!

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