Wednesday, November 6, 2019

My Little Voice Has Now Started to Scream

Well, I was able to make it past the guard shack (I guess I don't look like I am going to hold up an industrial park) and I now have to locate the "office" among all of these buildings that look exactly the same, do not have any numbers and are missing company names.  After driving around, I finally find the right place, park my car and walk toward the nondescript door on the side of the building.

As I enter the building, that will be my "home" for the next month, I couldn't help but notice the mess - there was STUFF everywhere, all areas seemed to be covered with grime and the whole area smelled a bit "different".   The area was filled, sometimes to the ceiling, with some sort of construction supplies (I guess this must be what they manufacture).  Since I was entering through the warehouse section, I was perplexed, but not very concerned (this is what warehouses always look like, right?)  Wow, was I wrong.....

I then entered the "office" area, which was covered with dust and had boxes, papers, garbage spread about (if I was smarter, I would have turned around and walked away).  I met with my supervisor (who was also the owner) and he apologized for the disarray (not the mess - but rather the disarray) and showed me to the area that would be my desk.  Again, I am overstating and giving too much credit, it wasn't a desk but rather a folding table.  I inquired about the location of my computer, to which he replied, "I haven't gotten around to getting one yet, but it is on my list"  (this "list" will soon become a long running joke). 

I spent some time with the owner getting the rundown of the business (he used to run the business from his basement, before moving here).  My curiosity was piqued, how the hell did this guy make money - it doesn't look like ANYTHING gets accomplished in this place.  Another important question was, what the hell am I going to be doing here!

I had not received a "tour" of the facility (he rented less than 1000 square feet, which was mostly warehouse space), and I needed to use the rest room.  I was told to go down the dark hall and that there were facilities both on the left and further down the hall on the right.  I guess I was numb from what I had already seen, because the words "down the dark hall" didn't send up the red flags; but it would only be moments before those "flags" would be flapping furiously in the wind.  The hall was not lit (hence the dark description from "the boss") and was billowing with construction supplies and other debris.  There were lights (or what were once lights), but they were now hanging from wires that looked like they could snap at any moment.

The bathroom I walked into looked like I had been transported into a horror movie.  It contained a window that looked like it had not been opened or cleaned this century, no sink or mirror and one toilet in the middle of the room.  The toilet was not white, but BROWN, I guess the cleaning crew had not yet visited this week.  I decided on that day that I would NEVER use the facilities while I was here.  Thank goodness I have a strong bladder!

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