Monday, November 11, 2019

One Week Down (almost), Let the Memos Begin!

Well, I am almost done with my first week and I have decided that "The Boss" is a bit eccentric, I know... you say "we all are in a certain way".  I can appreciate this, but I think he might just be a bit more extreme than I am used to.  For example he LOVES to write memos! I have reported in the past, we only have a handful of people who work here and we are located in a very small space - you would think he could just stand in the middle of the room and tell everyone, but no.  The following is a memo that was received yesterday concerning the refrigerator:

To:  All Employees
From "The Boss"
Re:  Refrigerator

We are planning on emptying the refrigerator this weekend.  If you would like to reclaim any of your personal items, please do so by Friday afternoon.  All items left after Friday will be disposed of.  There are rumors that the contents are being considered to be weapons of mass destruction.  I know I am responsible for this also.

The funniest part of this memo is that the refrigerator is similar in size to those that are in college dorms.  This thing can barely hold lunch if EVERYONE brought one in, but I guess it was large enough to contain WMD's and warrant a memo.  I can't wait to see what occurs when something BIG happens here.

Basic update:  I did FINALLY receive a computer yesterday and I still haven't used the bathroom.  Good times!

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