Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Nothing Like Starting the Workday and Seeing Your Breath

Fall is upon us and the weather is quickly turning brisk.  Some mornings this week, I have had to lightly scrape the car windows before venturing onto the highway to reach "The Nuthouse".  This morning was very cold and the window scraping took a bit longer and required a bit more effort than usual.

The past few mornings when I sat at my "desk", it seemed a bit chilly in the office, but I just attributed it to me being incredibly wimpy (I HATE the cold - which is why I am so looking forward to vacation).  When I arrived this morning it was much colder than I had expected or than it was any previous morning.  I ACTUALLY SAW MY BREATH!!!  When I asked "The Boss" about the temperature and why it was so cold, he informed me that he has to turn the electric heat on each morning upon arrival and to save money, he turns it off each night.   

I am so happy I will be out of here before Winter actually arrives, I can only imagine how miserable it would be first thing in the AM; I bet you would see your breath well past noon.

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