Monday, December 14, 2020

The Boss Thought He Lost His Wallet


Welcome to Monday at The Nuthouse!  When I arrived this morning, I had high hopes that today would be calm and quiet.  I had some year-end stuff that I had hoped to get finished today and the "llama drama" that The Boss adds to the mix does nothing to aid in productivity!

The morning started out like any other, coffee was made and The Boss looked over the work orders for the day.  Since he has decided to close The Nuthouse between Christmas and New Year (yippee), he has been "organizing" the order in which the work orders should be filled.  We all know from past blog posts, that the warehouse staff just LOVES when he does this (insert sarcasm here).  For the most part, it was pretty much business as usual until The Boss came back from his trek to the Post Office.

Once The Boss returned from the Post Office, The Nuthouse turned into Bizzarro World and remained that way the rest of the day.  Allow me to explain... when The Boss returned from his trek, he had a great deal of mail (as is normal on Monday), along with some boxes.  His hands were quite full when he returned and he seemed a bit more disorganized than normal (I know..that is saying something!).

About a half hour after his return, he started walking around the office, in and out of the kitchen and in and outside.  After his third trip, I asked if he was okay and what was going on.  He reported that he lost his wallet and was trying to re-trace his steps.  (Now, considering how this man walks around like a hamster on meth, retracing his steps is quite a process).  He said he was sure he had it while he was at the Post Office, but now he cannot find it.  I asked if he had checked in his car and/or under the driver seat.  He looked at me like I had just given him the cure for cancer - he hadn't thought to look in the car (see..hamster on meth).  He runs (literally, runs) outside and comes back in a few moments, out of breath and reports that it wasn't there.

Now, he continues traveling around the office and outside like a rabid dog and each time he passes my desk he looks crazier.  Each trip he is a bit redder in the face and his hair has now taken on a mad scientist vibe.  After what seemed like two dozen trips, he finally sits down at his desk in a very vocal way - he expels a large breath out, gives a high-pitched sigh and puts his mad scientist hair covered head in his hands.

Next, I hear him on the phone with who I can only assume is his wife.  I hear him say that he did "look all over for it" and "no, it wasn't left at the Post Office"  he then said that he will have to phone the credit card companies, but he doesn't even know what cards he has or the numbers.  On a side note, this woman must be a saint for putting up with this insanity for all of these years.  He ends the phone call with his wife and makes a trip the restroom.

At the same time, I go into his office and put some checks on his chair that I need signatures for.  As I am walking past his desk on my way back out the door, what do I see sitting plain as day on the corner of his desk?  Yup, his wallet.  As he leaves the restroom and comes past my desk, I tell him while putting checks on his chair for signature, I noticed his wallet on the corner of his desk.

The man is the textbook definition of crazy!

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