Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Countdown Is On!


Don't worry Nutties, I haven't gone to the dark side.  As much as everyone is trying, I still am not looking forward to Christmas this year.  What I am looking forward to is our Holiday break from The Nuthouse.  As you may remember, The Boss has decided to close between Christmas and New Year's this year (click here for recap).  I honestly cannot remember looking so forward to something for quite some time.  I am counting down the days like a kid waiting for Santa!  As my picture above states, I don't think singing Christmas songs will get me sent home early, but maybe some death metal tunes would do the trick.  I am willing to try anything to start this holiday break early! Can it just be December 24th already!!!

The Nuthouse was pretty quiet today, mostly due to the fact that The Boss was gone the majority of the day.  Yesterday, he was talking about how he hadn't started his Christmas shopping yet and and he didn't even have any ideas of what to buy.  I suggested that he start his shopping during the week (rather than the weekend) and maybe the stores would be less crowded.  Now, I know the stores are going to be just as crowded today as this weekend - it is nine days until Christmas for Christ sake!  I just thought maybe I could convince him to spend some time away from the office.  I am proud that my suggestion worked and so are my coworkers!

Mike and Wayne spent a great deal of time today discussing the upcoming Christmas Eve service at their church.  From what I could gather from their conversations, there is going to be a thing with the kids and the whole service will be held by candlelight.  Sounds like it will be pretty, candlelight and all, but as a kid, the last place I would want to be on Christmas Eve is performing in some church pageant.  Oh well, you know what they say, different strokes for different folks.

Drew and his family are going to cut down their Christmas tree this weekend.  I guess they travel up north each year to find the perfect specimen, cut it down, strap it to the truck and bring it home.  Very Griswold like, if I do say so myself.  We never had a real tree growing up - my Mom always liked putting up the tree around the first of December and real tree would never have made it until Christmas if it went up that early.  My parents still have a fake tree to this day and it seems that she puts it up earlier and earlier each year.  This year she bought a new model and was so pleased with it she had to phone me at the "ass crack of dawn" to tell me all about it.  As always, she is looking forward to the holiday and she cannot fathom that I am not doing the same.

Tonight, I have BIG plans!  I am grabbing a pizza on my way home and catching up on some Netflix.  The Northeast is expecting a heck of a snow storm (maybe 2-3 feet) and I have a feeling that I may be snowed in and unable to make it to work tomorrow (wink, wink).  We will see how things work out.  Although you cannot see me as I type this, I am crossing my fingers for snow and lots of it!  

Until tomorrow Nutties (or the day after if I am lucky).  Stay safe and off the roads if we do get the storm they are anticipating.  You know how people forget how to drive during the first big snow storm!

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