Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Happy Festivus Nutties!


Some people consider this day Christmas Eve eve, not me... it's Festivus baby!  Bring out your unadorned aluminum pole and be prepared to hear my grievances!  Seriously, I will not be boring you with my grievances this year - 2020 has created so many of them, we might be here until 2021 to cover them all.  We all have things to do...

As you know, although The Boss cannot hire a snow plow driver to save his life and he thinks it is fine to have staff sit around all day with wet work clothes (click here for recap), his decision to close tomorrow and after lunch and re-open on  January 4th remains in effect.  Needless to say, with today being our last full day of work, some of us began celebrating a bit early.  A bunch of us brought in snacks and lunch and the entire Nuthouse has been eating since 9 AM.  FYI - I am going to need my holiday stretchy pants when I get home and they might not come off until January 3rd.

I know you will miss stories from The Nuthouse, but don't worry, I might be stopping by to say hello during my holiday sabbatical.  I'm sure conversations with my family on Friday will constitute at least one blog post.  I have also told The Boss that I will stop in a couple of times during the break to check on The Nuthouse.  Really, I am just coming in to check on and feed our mascot Frack (click here for recap) and (click here for recap).  He continues to thrive in the insanity that is The Nuthouse and I wouldn't want anything to happen to him during a long break (RIP Frick).

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanza, etc. to everyone who has stuck by this blog this past year.  Let's be honest, 2020 has been a dumpster fire for so many and I really don't think anyone will be sorry to see it go.  My hope is for health and happiness in 2021 for everyone and their families.  We really do deserve a good year after the one we just went through.  Enjoy your holiday - I know I will...see you soon!

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