Wednesday, December 2, 2020

It Is A Happy, Happy Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday Nutties; welcome to another day at The Nuthouse!  We are halfway through the week and I can see the finish's right there!

The Boss gathered us together for a meeting in the conference room this morning.  When we entered the room, the conference table contained bagels and cream cheese - YUM!  Breakfast waiting for us when we arrive on a Wednesday is a not a bad way to start the day.  Little did we know, that the day was going to get infinitely better.  He started out by saying that he appreciated everyone's hard work and continued dedication and he was wondering how we should celebrate the holiday this year.  He then said the best sentence that a boss could ever say....The Nuthouse will be closed between Christmas in New Years Day!

We all looked at one another and thought that we had heard him wrong.  Did he just say that they office will be closed from December 25 - January 1?  He then elaborated - the office will close on December 24th at 12 noon.  We will come in that day and make sure we are ready for 2021 and lunch will be delivered.  Once we are done with lunch, we are free... free until 2021!  The office will then re-open the morning of January 4th.  Then the news got even better... these days will be paid days off and no vacation time will need to be used.

Now, I am guilty of talking a bunch of shit on The Boss.  I do not apologize for that - he is annoying as hell, but he is also the most generous boss I have every worked for.  He does go out of his way to do extremely nice things for his employees.  Needless to say, we were quite a happy bunch today!  Maybe my Grinch heart is melting a bit more.

Happy Hump Day Nutties!

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