Tuesday, November 24, 2020

And, My Rant From Last Week Continues...


As some of you might remember, I had a bit of a "breakdown" last week discussing how Christmas movies, decorations, commercials, etc. are being shown earlier this year than in previous seasons (click here for recap).  In case you are wondering, I am still annoyed by the whole thing and after speaking with my parents and coming into the office today, I can see my annoyance will be continuing for a while longer.

My morning started out a bit earlier than usual - my Mom decided that she needed to speak with me prior to work.  As I have mentioned before, my parents live a couple of time zones away, so she needed to get up pretty early in the morning to catch me before work.  When my phone rang this morning, I initially was worried when I saw who was calling.  I picked up the phone and immediately asked what was wrong. My Mom quickly reassured me everything was fine, but she just wanted to tell me about the new Christmas tree they purchased.  

Are you kidding me!  She got up at the ass crack of dawn and called me to tell me about their new tree??? Clearly, they have been sucked into the vortex of celebrating early this year.  They have swallowed the blue and red pill and are 100% on board. My Mom discussed this fricken tree for over 15 minutes...where they found it, how they picked it out, the decorations they bought for it.  By the time she was finished, my head was spinning.  I told her I was happy that she was so pleased with her new tree and reminded her that I had to get ready for work.  No, I didn't mention that Thanksgiving hadn't even been celebrated yet! I promised to phone Thanksgiving to catch up on everything else (not tree related) going on with her and my Dad.

As I drove into work, I still was having a difficult time wrapping my head around her excitement about this damn tree.  Maybe I am just a big Grinch this year, but I am not looking forward to the holiday at all.  I arrived at work and The Boss was busy unpacking bags from his car.  I stopped and offered some assistance and he quickly accepted.  As he was handing me a couple of the bags, I saw what was in them and I almost vomited on his shoes....Christmas decorations!!!  OH, MY FRICKEN GOD, he is planning on decorating The Nuthouse! 

As he and I carried in the holiday supplies, he couldn't contain his excitement about decorating for our first holiday in The Nuthouse.  His family had purchased a new artificial tree and since there was nothing wrong with the one they were replacing, he thought it would be perfect to set up here.  What is wrong with me?  Why can't I get this excited about Christmas this year?  Clearly, I need help!

He deposited all of the supplies in the middle of the main floor and went to his office.  As the day progressed, the pile remained there untouched (big surprise).  When I asked if he wanted the decorations moved (so they were not in the way of EVERYONE), he indicated that we were going to be putting the decorations up tomorrow and then leave early to begin our Thanksgiving holiday (we are off on Friday).

I can get behind the leaving early tomorrow part, but a group tree decorating....I don't think so! I would rather birth a rhino!  Welcome to my hell!  Until tomorrow Nutties!

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