Monday, November 9, 2020

Welcome to Another Monday In The Nuthouse!


Good day Nutties and welcome to another Monday!  This week is looking up because our offices will be closed on November 11 - Veterans Day.  As I have mentioned before, The Boss believes if the banks are closed, we are closed; so it looks like hump day will be a bit easier to face this week.

Let me bring you up to date on the goings on here at The Nuthouse.  The Boss continued to refrain from bothering (or should I say, annoying) the contractor, so we are now the proud owners of a door in the conference room.  As the days continue to get chillier, not having to exit the building and freeze our asses to gain access to the warehouse is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  You know what they say about the little things!

The Boss has stopped wearing his ace bandage and ditched his crutches.  He is still hobbling a bit, but I think he is doing much better - even if he is slow to admit it to himself.  Sometimes I think he doesn't get enough attention at home, so he tries to "recharge" his attention batteries here.  He barely mentioned the injury at all today (hallelujah) and at times I think he has forgotten about it entirely.

Business continues to progress at a great rate and we all appreciate how lucky we are to still be doing well with all that is going on in the country.  Our business overseas continues to expand and we are gaining a reputation as a company that can deliver materials when promised and at a fair price. There is a down side; as business improves, The Boss seems to become more nervous and wants to wield a tighter hold on everything going on around The Nuthouse.  Today, he questioned me about the office supply order I was placing.  He wasn't concerned that the order was too expensive, he was concerned that we should be ordering more stuff.  I also witnessed him in a deep discussion with the warehouse foreman concerning the best manner to fill orders....if this is what they consider growing pains, they are incredibly painful! I wouldn't be surprised if he starts his famous annoying trait of deciding how work orders are completed (click here for recap).  When he starts that craziness, it takes up at least three days of his time.

Well, that gives you a peek into Monday at The Nuthouse; don't be jealous that all this insanity is only for me and our other Nuthouse employees! Until next time...

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