Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bear Picnic At The Nuthouse


When I arrived this morning and found quite a mess outside the building.  Someone or something had been rummaging through our dumpster and removed some of our garbage bags.  They then proceeded to take these bags across the parking lot to an area near our pond for their feast.  It looks like it might be a bear and it cracks me up that he stole the garbage and took it to a "scenic" spot to eat it.  You know what they say, restaurant ambiance is everything!

The Boss arrived and the garbage was still strewn across the yard (of course).  He came in the office, and as you can imagine, he was all about the mess and the possibility of a new visitor!  He wanted to know if anyone had seen what made the mess.  Although he has thought the wildlife was against him in the past (click here for recap), he seems to be impressed that a bear picked his humble area to steal his trash and enjoy a feast.  The Boss looked out his window a least a dozen times today - I think he was looking for the bear, but he says he was just checking to see if it was going to rain.

When we left this evening, we make sure the cover to the dumpster was completely closed and that all the trash from last evening was picked up.  Bets on when Yogi visits us again... interesting times at The Nuthouse continues!

Until next time Nutties!

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