Monday, November 30, 2020

Back To The Nuthouse


Yup, it's Monday morning after a long holiday weekend.  As you can probably guess, I wanted to go to work today about as much as I wanted to have my teeth pulled without nonvaccine.  That being said, I am a trooper and a dedicated employee, so I pulled my sorry carcass out of bed and did my duty!

My holiday was really low-key and nice.  I went to a friend's home for Thanksgiving; we ate too much while we watched football and yelled at the television.  Since new quarantine rules are in effect around here, I was not able to do my yearly Thanksgiving Eve bar crawl, which if I were being honest, allowed me to feel much more rested and refreshed when I woke up on Thanksgiving morning.  It was a bummer not seeing friends on Thanksgiving Eve, but I'm sure many out of towners didn't even travel this holiday, so I'll see you all next year (fingers crossed).

I FaceTimed with my parents on Thanksgiving morning.  My Mom and Dad were celebrating the holiday at their house and had purchased a small turkey breast for dinner.  They actually seemed happy to just be spending the day together and having a low-key holiday.  I think this pandemic has shown us that sometimes less is more.  Their FaceTime skills are much improved (click here for recap) and Dad had pants on when he was speaking with me (click here for recap) - so, clearly it was a good day!  I did get to see their "famous" Christmas tree that they were so excited to tell me about last week (click here for recap).  I cannot tell a lie; it really is perfect and looks great they way they decorated it.  It makes me happy that they can still get excited over things like a new tree and it give me hope for when I am old!

I enjoyed my Friday off by doing a bit of online shopping and television watching with the Furry Boys.  Just because I am a Grinch this year, doesn't mean I will not take advantage of well-priced holiday items.  I purchased a new IPad and a new Kindle to replace the older models I currently own.  Both items have already been delivered and yes, I am already using them!  Merry Christmas to me!  I finished watching Ted Lasso and would highly recommend it.  It is a feel-good show that isn't all about soccer.

When I arrived at work today, The Boss was already there (my Monday keeps getting better and better).  He had the tree lights on and Christmas music playing throughout the building.  This crazy man is REALLY into the holidays this year!  I have to admit, the tree looks nice and makes the office seem a bit cheerier.  Who knows, maybe my Grinch heart is beginning to melt a bit.  I could do without the constant holiday music, but I have noise cancelling headphones that come in handy here, so I don't have to listen if I don't want.

There were no signs of a Yogi visit over the holiday (click here for recap); maybe he traveled to a relatives for the holiday or maybe it's hibernation time.  I think The Boss was a bit disappointed that he didn't visit, but at the same time he says he doesn't want Yogi around (what do they say about protesting too much).

It was pretty quiet today.  I think everyone is still recuperating from eating too much all weekend.  The warehouse is almost caught up with all the work orders, so they did some year-end cleaning to pass the time.  I began my year-end pack up of accounting files and work orders and started to get ready for 2021.  I cannot believe it will be December tomorrow!

Enjoy your day Nutties...until next time!

PS - In case you were wondering, Mike did bring in some religious holiday ornaments to add to the tree.  Now we have a couple of crosses, a baby in a manger and some wise men.  I feel better already!

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