Friday, November 20, 2020

Week End Wrap Up From The Nuthouse


Well, it's Friday once again (yippee) and although the insanity at The Nuthouse was quiet this week (except for Yogi), I wanted to give you a week end wrap up before you go off to enjoy your two-day hibernation (get it?  hibernation..bear)

  • Yogi did not come back that next night (click here for recap), but he did make an appearance the following evening.  No, he did not raid the dumpster again, but he was interested in our glass entry door.  I believe he may have visited a muddy area prior to stopping at The Nuthouse, because it looked like he rubbed his muddy body all over the glass door.  It was quite a vision when we came in this morning.
  • The Boss said he would clean the entry door of the mud described above.  I should have known better than to say okay and just did it myself.  He announced he would clean it up and had to don rubber gloves and eye protection to spray some Windex on the glass door.  When I saw this ridiculous display, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to last until 5 PM (don't worry, I'm tough; I made it through the remainder of the day).
  • It must be recruitment time at again the church that Mike and Wayne belong to (click here for recap).  They have been meeting at all times during the day and keep talking about what a big day Sunday will be.  Maybe they are going to sacrifice a goat or something...who knows.
  • The Boss' injury is gone and no longer discussed or referenced.  No more ace bandages, crutches or limping on the wrong side of the body (he sometimes forgets where he is actually injured).  I am happy to say all employees survived his injury without killing him or inflicting an injury on themselves to get away.
  • We have received a couple of small snowfalls here at The Nuthouse (nothing that would require plowing).  The Boss has now realized that he will have to find someone to plow our parking lot since we no longer rent space.  That has been a long and painful process.  It sounds like he has someone he considers a friend (I'm not sure if this person knows he is considered a "friend") that he is going to hire to take care of the plowing.  He was quite surprised that you couldn't just hire a plowing company to come when you called them, you actually had to contract with them to come once it snowed above a certain amount.  He thought this was ridiculous and only wants someone to come when he calls.  This doesn't have disaster written all over it!  I hope it is not going to be too snowy this season.  Stay tuned for updates as we get further into the winter season.
  • The Boss has been talking about hiring another warehouse employee since business continues to improve.  I'm not sure what steps he has taken to begin this process, but if it's anything like his last hire (click here for recap) (click here for recap), I will know to be prepared for porn printed from the internet when I clean out his area.
  • Our mascot Frack is still going strong and continues to bring joy and humor to our humble workspace.  Yes, The Boss is still obsessed with the two-gallon fish tank being too loud.  I think Frack is just staying alive to annoy him.  Gotta love that fish!
Enjoy your weekend Nutties and until next time!

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