Monday, November 16, 2020

Today, I Will Rant!


I have been fairly quiet lately because even I think my mood is too poor to subject it to others.  I currently have some not so nice things going on in my personal life and it has put me in a foul mood (more foul than usual). So,  I decided to step away for a few days and not subject you, my loyal readers to my piss-poor disposition.  That being said, I am back and today I have a rant (sorry)!

I realize that 2020 has sucked big moose balls for everyone and their brother.  I know that we all (me included), just want this year to be over and done with.  I often ask myself, 2021 cannot be worse...can it?  I think I even mentioned recently that I would  be willing to add a couple more months of winter if we could just skip ahead to 2021 already.  That is saying A LOT because no one hates winter and cold weather more than I do.  But alas, those wishes cannot be granted and we must push through the remaining dumpster fire days of 2020.

Although, I wish for 2021 to arrive, at the same time I am disgusted at the early showing of Christmas and holiday crap on TV, radio and such.  I, along with everyone else. am accustomed to seeing holiday decorations in stores as soon as they take down the Halloween costumes and candy.  This occurs every year and although I do not agree, I am used to it (and no longer complain about it).  What I am not used to is along with the store displays, now we have holiday movies on numerous television stations, radio stations going all Christmas music, all the time and between those holiday television shows, holiday commercials!  All this shit began on November 1st....November 1st, people!  I remember it well; I was in my kitchen with the television on in the background and I thought I heard a Christmas song being played.  I actually thought I was hearing things and went in the living room to check it out.  Lo and behold, right there on the screen were a happy, perfect couple, dressed in Santa hats presenting each other with keys to the new cars they bought for each other.  Excuse me while I vomit!

Don't get me wrong, I looovvve the holidays!  I love to decorate the tree (sometimes just to watch Milo destroy it), I love to shop for my family and wrap gifts.  I love listening to Christmas music and Holly on Sirius XM is my jam for the month of December.... I repeat, not November 1st!  Can't we just enjoy Thanksgiving.  Isn't it enough time to start the holiday crap on Thanksgiving night?

I have to stop, because I am just making myself angry again.  Until next time Nutties - hopefully I will be in a better mood, but who knows!

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