Monday, January 11, 2021

I Love When Others Adopt New Year's Resolutions!

Happy Monday Nutties!  I know I was a bit quiet last week, but admittedly, it took me a bit longer to get back into the swing of things after our extended holiday than I expected.  On top of  not really wanting to be back to work, I had to finish up the year-end crap.  Let's just say last week was life-sucking!  But, on the positive side, it's over now; I have closed out 2020 and am moving on to 2021 full force!

As expected, The Nuthouse is as crazy as it was in 2020 (I don't see that changing anytime soon).  I have noticed that The Boss has adopted a new routine of attempting to eat healthy.  Keep in mind, he always stated he was active but I am not quite sure doing what. For this new year, he has also started watching what he eats.  It's loads of fun!  He makes snide comments to others who are eating something that he deems "unhealthy" or repeatedly states, "oh, I shouldn't eat that, it isn't really good for me".  Today, I walked into his office and he was sitting at his desk eating tuna out of a can with a plastic fork.  I think he may have opened it in his office and didn't even drain it - no mayo, just a tuna can and a fork.  For god sake, even my cat Milo doesn't eat out of a can!  Get a plate man, you're not an animal!

I have a feeling 2021 is going to be a long year for a number of different reasons. Keep it tuned here for all of the shenanigans!  Until next time!

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