Friday, January 1, 2021

Welcome 2021 - We Are Happy To See You!


Happy New Year Nutties!  May 2021 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.  I look at it this way, it definitely has to be better than 2020 - am I right?? Fingers crossed!

I have a few more days remaining of my holiday break and I am taking full advantage of it; sleeping late, eating junk food (because I am going to start exercising again in 2021) and enjoying lots of extra time with my furry boyz.  As I have mentioned before - Cooper loves it and Milo is really tired of seeing my face.  All is right in my little world!

My parents called me last night to wish me a Happy New Year and the area around their home sounded like a war zone.  Fireworks are legal during certain times of year where they live and with this year being so shitty, I think many, many people were ready to celebrate 2020 being kicked to the curb.  My Mom texted me this morning and said the noise only got worse at they approached 12 AM and continued at full speed until almost 1 AM.  I'm glad poor Cooper didn't have to be subjected to all that noise - he hates fireworks.

Enjoy your long weekend and I'll be back for Nuthouse news on January 4th!  Happy New Year!

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