Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Back After Three-Day Weekend

No, this post isn't about another visit from our favorite bear, Yogi (click here for recap), but I, for one, have been missing his visits.  I hope he is okay and just enjoying some well deserved sleep and slumber (yes, I am jealous).  Maybe he will be back to visit once he gets up from his "long nap".

I forgot to mention last week that The Nuthouse would be closed on Monday.  Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday, so we were closed.  I enjoyed my three-day weekend immensely.  I started a new book and watched some TV....yup, my life is VERY EXCITING!

On my way to The Nuthouse this morning, I stopped and picked up some donuts.  Now, I love donuts as much as the next guy (glazed and jelly), but the main reason for my purchase was to see if The Boss is still holding firm to his New Year resolution of eating in a more healthy manner (click here for recap).  I was the toast of The Nuthouse when my fellow employees saw that magic donut box of goodness as I walked in the door (I was a couple of minutes later than usual).  The Boss didn't even mention the sweet confections in my hand - he acted like he didn't even see them; but that would soon change.

As the morning went on, he made a few more trips to the kitchen area then usual.  I thought it a bit strange, but didn't think much of it until I noticed that the box that once held the last two glazed donuts, was now strangely empty and no one other than The Boss has been near by.  Could this guru of health and wellness be sneaking donuts in the darkened kitchen like a crack-addict on the corner?  Although I can not prove a thing, I think my hypothesis is correct - he is a donut sneaker!  I dare him to speak to any of us about eating healthy...if he does, I may have to inquire about where those two missing glazed donuts (one was calling to me from the kitchen) actually went.  

Have a wonderful week and don't worry we will "talk" again soon!

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