Thursday, July 23, 2020

Extra!, Extra! - The Nuthouse News!

  • I already was aware that Frick and Frack were very popular with my co-workers (everyone except The Boss) (click here to learn about Frick and Frack).  I think they are so popular that others may be sneaking additional feedings to them when I am not around.  Due to these additional feedings and the size of the tank, I had to spend some time during lunch today cleaning their tank.  I carefully transferred The Nuthouse Mascots to a separate container while I cleaned the small tank in the kitchen sink.  Of course, The Boss came in while I was performing this task to, once again voicing his concern that the "fish tank is exceptionally loud."  He then asked me how long do fish live????  Damn, I think he may be plotting against my gilly friends!
  • He also made sure to remind me as I was cleaning the tank to not let anything but water go down the drain because he and Drew just unclogged the sink.  Now, what would/could I put down the sink that would cause a problem?  It wasn't like I was cleaning the coffee pot!  Secondly, I was unaware that anyone assisted Drew in the sick unclogging...I guess I was mistaken! (click here for the true story)
  • The Boss met with the security specialist company again today (click here for security story).  I think finding out that our possibly new employee John was waiting here on Monday morning freaked The Boss out just a bit.  I think because of that encounter, he may be even more adamant about increased security around the building.  As I have stated before, I don't think this increased security will every come to fruition and if we do waste the money on this crazy idea, we might be able to sell our outside security tapes to the nature channel because all there will be is wildlife footage.
  • Speaking of John - today The Boss was looking for an area "to place a new employee."  Currently, there is no available room where we are all sitting, so maybe the weirdo can "bunk" with The Boss or Mike (like that will ever happen) or maybe he can have a desk in the warehouse area.  That sounds like a feasible option since he is going to be the technical representative....and, as a bonus, keeps the weirdo away from me! I hope I am wrong about him...
  • The Boss informed us that tomorrow we are going to have a team building day.  It is my understanding that this will consist of lunch and going home a bit early - that sounds like a great team building to me!
  • On a personal note - I spoke with my parents last evening via FaceTime; of course, hilarity ensued! (click here for FaceTime story).  Honestly, it wasn't as bad as it has been in the past.  I was fortunate enough to see both of their faces and not too much of the ceiling.  My Dad also had his pants on this time, so bonus points there!  They are doing well and staying healthy.  The news says that the area of the country where they live is currently exploding with Coronavirus, but they are being careful and trying not to take to many unnecessary chances.  I keep reminding them that they aren't "spring chickens" anymore - and they don't really seem to appreciate my reminders.  My Dad calls me a wise guy and states he can still kick my ass if he needs to.  Gotta love parents!

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