Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Stop The Presses - A New Nut Is Joining the Nuthouse!

Well, this news will come as no surprise to ANYONE, but The Nuthouse is gaining another employee beginning on Monday morning.  The Boss announced this afternoon that after much thought and consideration, he has decided to hire John as our drafts-person and to assist with technical representation on some of our jobs.  It has become quite obvious that The Boss does not like interviewing for job openings, so it is no shock that the first person he spoke with about this position would be the one that he hires - even if the guy is weird AF!

The Boss spoke a little about John's credentials and confidently assured us that he will be quite an asset to the organization.  He also reminded the salespeople that with a technical representative in house, they may not have to visit job sites as often.  This will allow them to make more sales which would equate to more commissions.  The sales staff seemed pleased at this new development.

The Boss let us know that John will be coming in on Friday during lunch to sign all of his new employee paperwork.  He has also asked him to join us for lunch; this will allow us all to meet and get to know him in a relaxed environment. I wonder if he will be even weirder (if that is possible) when he is in a relaxed environment.  I hope I am wrong about this guy, but something just seems a little off about him.

Drew spoke up and asked where John would be sitting since we are at capacity in the front office.  The Boss agreed that there is currently no available room for him in the main office, so for the time being, he will be stationed at a desk in the warehouse.  The Boss assured us this is only temporary because he has some contractors coming in to price out transforming a portion of the warehouse space into new office spaces.  He says that we are growing at a great pace and we need the extra space.

Wow, maybe I will soon have a quiet area where I don't have to watch Drew spitting into his garbage can while he speaks waaaayyy to loudly on the telephone.  Finally, something to look forward to here at The Nuthouse!   Enjoy your evening!

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