Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Nuthouse Checklist for Today

Interesting things are happening at The Nuthouse these days!  Here are some important bullet points to be aware of to keep up-to-date.

  • The dealership called today concerning the repairs on the company vehicle involved in the mishap last week (click here for complete story).  We needed a new wheel and tire, but the axle didn't break.  Next up, necessary body repairs for the front bumper and quarter panel. When The Boss messes something up, he doesn't go half way! The estimate the car will be back next week.
  • The Boss informed me that the Fire Marshal will be returning for his second inspection on Thursday of this week.  As I mentioned yesterday, all requirements have been met and we should pass with flying colors.  The Boss also informed me that he "will not be around" on Thursday, so he asked if I would speak with/handle the Marshal.  He really seems to be intimidated by some people.  I told him it would not be a problem and I will help the Marshal anyway I can.
  • Today a potential new employee came in for an interview.  It is my understanding that The Boss has actually met with him before.  His name is John and he might be our next draftsman/technical representative.  He seems nice, but a bit socially awkward - maybe he was just nervous...we'll see.  Around here the weirder you are, the more apt you are to be hired - so he should be officially hired soon.
  • The Boss came in this morning clean shaven (click here for beard story).  When I saw the change, I commented on it (I know, I am a glutton for punishment) and he said that it was bothering him when he wore a mask, so it was time to go.  BTW - did I mention that Drew had shaved his beard at some point last week?  I'm not sure of the exact day because of my spotty attendance last week.  I did make sure to mention to Drew that his "stalker" was copying him again.  Needless to say, Drew told me to go "F" myself!
  • It has been extremely warm lately and the grass has not really needed to be mowed as often (click here to see how The Boss mows the lawn).  The Boss has noticed that there are some dead spots in the lawn and has decided that now is the perfect time to plant some grass seed. Now, I am no horticulturist, but I do not think the middle of July is the optimal time to successfully grow grass from seed, but I could be wrong... 
Well, now that you are up-to-date, enjoy your evening and see you soon!

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