Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Call Off The Search Party; The Contractors Are No Longer Missing!

Between the heat, humidity and my allergies, yesterday was pretty much a bust!  I went home after work took some medication, turned down the air conditioner, snuggled up next to the two furry boys and slept the night away.  I woke up this morning bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on the day.  I missed our interaction yesterday, please allow me to bring you up to speed.

On the last episode of Contractors of The Nuthouse, the contractor and crew had left for lunch on Monday afternoon and indicated they would return in one hour.  As you remember, they didn't return at all on Monday (click here for refresher).  Well, for those of you keeping track, they didn't return on Tuesday either!  To say The Boss was angry was an understatement.  You know how he has "ants in his pants" on a normal day - unable to sit at his desk for more than a few minutes without getting up and roaming around.  Well, he must have left his office and peered out the front door two dozen times before 11 AM yesterday.  As I watched him all I could think of was a dog waiting for his master to come home.  Finally, at 12 noon, I heard him on the phone with the contractor inquiring as to "where the hell" was he.  I didn't hear the excuse that was provided but I heard The Boss end with, "okay, see you tomorrow."  I knew I should have started that damn office pool!

Fast forward to this morning - as I arrived today, I couldn't help but laugh as I noticed the crew was not there yet.  I guess their business plan is to show up early on the first day and then after that everything goes to hell - gotta love contractors!  The contractor and a very abbreviated crew showed up around 9:30 AM like nothing happened and began work once again on the all-important conference room (thank god).

They didn't have the opportunity to leave for lunch today because The Boss had pizza brought in for everyone.  The Boss was really thinking today - provide them some food and maybe they will be forced to stay!  They thanked him for the pizza, ate and went back to work.  Around 4:30 PM they packed up and said they would see us in the morning (I noticed they didn't say which morning).  After they left, I did my normal walk through to see the progress (because I am that nosy).  The framing was finished and they had sheet rock affixed to  the outside of the structure (The Boss said didn't want to see framing in the warehouse).  They made nice progress today and everything seems to be back on track. Now, will they show up tomorrow or were they referring to a different morning arrival?  Only time will tell....

For those wondering, John is still working on that drawing for Drew.  In his defense, Drew has had a few additional changes, but according to Drew, it shouldn't take this long to obtain a drawing from a draftsman.  I heard Drew speaking with him today and he actually asked him if he was doing the drawing on the computer or carving it into a stone tablet.  Ha, ha, ha... I love it; that Drew is such a wise ass!  John said he will have it to him first thing in the morning.  I wonder if he means tomorrow or some other morning.  At the rate it is taking to complete this small drawing - who knows!

Have a great night Nutties!  See you in the morning (ha, ha)

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