Friday, August 28, 2020

Week Ending News From The Nuthouse


I have been counting down all week for Friday and it is finally here!  This week as been a crazy one - poorly thought out conference rooms, parent issues, celebrations that drawings were completed and so much more.  I thought this week would NEVER end and figured now would be a good time to bring you up-to-date on all the goings on so we could finally put this week where it a deep hole, never to be seen again.

Without our usual access to the warehouse (click here for conference room story), walking outside each and every time I (or anyone else) need to go out there has been just great (insert eye roll here). I really am adding to my step count each day and feel it was a wonderful idea to build it in such a f*cked up manner (are you sensing my sarcasm here?)  The Boss has decreased the number of times he visits the warehouse each day because of our new "configuration" and I even heard him complaining about it under his breath the other day.  I guess he doesn't appreciate having to leave an air conditioned office to go outside, where it is 90 degrees and 90% humidity to check on the status of an order.  Yup, I don't think he is appreciating the extra steps as much as I am (sarcasm again...sorry).

My parents thought their water and well problems were fixed, but they continue to have issues.  The repair guy was going to be back later today, so hopefully everything will be fixed by later tonight.  They went to have another COVID test (click here for previous story) to see if the test my Dad originally took was correctly tagged as positive.  Guess what - now the test came back negative and my Mom is negative too.  They are happy that the tests came back negative, but they have been told that they are still required to be under quarantine for two weeks.  Will this COVID crap ever end?  I am so tired of hearing about it, being ruled by it and having lives turned upside down because of it.  This winter, when talk usually turns to the flu, we will now have the flu and COVID.....good times!

John did not make it to work today.  I guess all his work on the drawing for Drew took a lot out of him (yup, sarcasm again).  He told The Boss yesterday that he needed a day off to recharge.  RECHARGE? the idiot just started working here - he now needs to "recharge."  I have a feeling he will not be long for this job.

I mentioned to Rachel the other day that we haven't had a Wayne injury in a while.  The Boss heard what I was saying and became a bit perturbed that I was making light of his past injuries.  I'm sorry, but Wayne injuries are hilarious!  He also told me not to jinx us and/or Wayne.  I think the warehouse staff goes out of their way to make sure Wayne steers clear of any potential danger (with Wayne in the house, anything can be categorized as potential danger) (click here for Wayne story) (click here for another Wayne story)

On a positive note, The Boss will be on vacation next week (click here for vacation story).  It will be nice to have him gone for a while.  He has not indicated where he is going, but he did say that he would not be calling us very often (hallelujah), because his wife wants him to concentrate on relaxing.  I know next week will be relaxing for me and the other members of The Nuthouse.  Never have I looked so forward to coming in on a Monday morning!

I don't have any big plans for the weekend; maybe a walk with Cooper and catching up on some TV.  I live a very interesting life, people!  I should probably get off my arse and do a workout or two - quarantine has not been kind and it is clearly reflected on the scale!  

Enjoy your weekend Nutties and I'll see you back here on Monday.  I can almost guarantee it will be a great day and wonderful week.  You know what they say - while The Boss is away, some actual work may get accomplished!

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