Friday, August 7, 2020

More Random Stories From The Nuthouse

Nothing earth shattering occurred this week at The Nuthouse; just the normal craziness.  I thought it might be time for another addition of "Random Stories From The Nuthouse."  As you know, these are snippets of things heard around the office, but they don't quite have enough "meat" to warrant their own blog posting.  Enjoy....

  • I overheard our warehouse manager Adam pitching a fit about his parents this week.  He was quite upset that his Mom asked him to come home at a decent hour during the week because he keeps waking up his Dad who is having some health issues.  Adam made it perfectly clear to all those listening that he thinks this request is both ridiculous overstepping her bounds.  Did you remember that Adam still lives at home at his advanced age?  (click here to read about Adam).
  • I think The Boss believes he fluent in French.  We have a new customer in Canada and The Boss reached out to him this week.  When he was connected to the individual, he started his conversation with Bonjour and said his name.  When the person responded back in French, it was quickly apparent that The Boss had no idea what was just said.  Now, most normal people would just speak in their native tongue.  The Boss did that to a degree...he decided to speak his version of French - English words with a weird French accent.  He sounded just like Pepe Le Pew from the Looney Toon cartoons..  It was hilarious; I hope he finds more French customers!
  • John was in the kitchen grabbing a cup of coffee earlier this week and The Boss ran from his office to join him.  I don't really know what was so important that it required such a dash from his office, but I did hear him informing John not to dump anything down the sink because someone had been putting bad stuff down the drain and clogged it up completely.  He added that he had to fix the clogged sink himself (click here for the real story).
  • Drew requested a small CAD drawing from John earlier this week (remember, he is our drafts person/technical representative).  First, he had trouble finding the program on his computer (strange), but then, once he found it he wasn't quite sure how it worked.  I believe Drew is still waiting for the drawing he requested.  I heard John comment to someone in the warehouse that our CAD program doesn't look anything like the one he used in school.  In case you may have forgotten, John is approximately 45 years old.  Has he not used a CAD program since college?  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the program may have changed a bit since then!  Oh boy, this is going to be interesting.
  • John is still settling in at The Nuthouse. He continues to comment that his chair aggravates his back (click here to read story).  I asked The Boss about it and he said the chair is fine and it just needs some time to conform to his body.  I think some of the "shine" is wearing off our new employee.  For as annoying as The Boss can be, he really does crack me up sometimes.
  • It's no secret that 2020 has been a total shit show.  I'm thinking that before the summer is officially over, I should get away for a couple of days.  Maybe head to the ocean and breath some salt air (at a safe and social distance, of course).  I think I may take a long weekend.... think you'll miss me?
  • There must be a big shindig coming up at church this weekend.  Mike and Wayne have been spending a great deal of time together this week going over religious stuff.  They are keeping to themselves, so I don't think it is a membership drive (click here for the last membership drive).
  • On a personal note, I spoke with my Mom this week and she said she had a dry cough.  She contacted her doctor and they wanted to do a tele-med appointment with her and maybe test her for COVID.  She told them she didn't know how to do that and has since decided that she feels a bit better - plus she had a hair appointment, so she is going to do that instead of speaking with the doctor.  Yup, my parents are slowing driving me to drink!
Have a great weekend Nutties!  Get out there and enjoy what is left of the summer...snow will be here again before you know it!  Until next time...

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