Monday, August 17, 2020

Construction on The Nuthouse Conference Room Has Commenced!


Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  My weekend was fairly uneventful.  I took Cooper for a long walk (I am now his hero), cleaned the house, watched some Netflix and just relaxed.  Then Sunday night around 7 PM, reality slapped me square in the face - I immediately realized my relaxing time was coming to an abrupt end and going back to The Nuthouse was just around the corner. Honestly, that was a sad and painful moment!

I was not first in the office this morning - that designation goes to the contractor and his crews who are building our much needed conference room (insert eye roll here) (click here to read about conference room).  When I arrived, most of the construction supplies had been brought in and by 8:30 AM saws and hammers were humming!  By 10 AM I had a headache and was tired of apologizing for the noise to the customers who made the mistake of calling into the office rather than sending an email.

The construction crew left the building around 12:30 PM for lunch and said they would be back in an hour.  After they left, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to see what they had accomplished so far.  Now, I have described that there is a single door leading to the warehouse from the large room we are all currently sitting in.  I opened the door to enter the warehouse and see where exactly the conference room was going to be.  That is when I walked directly into what will soon be The Nuthouse conference room.  The contractor has framed a square room emitting from the warehouse entry door.  Now, I am a bit confused...why would we build a conference room directly past the only door with access to the warehouse.  If I understand it correctly, we will now have to go through the warehouse entry door and then walk through the actual conference room and exit another door to gain access to the warehouse.  This doesn't seem like the most logical idea so, that means it fits here perfectly!

The Boss came into the warehouse while I was standing within the newly framed conference room and asked what I thought.  I said that I wasn't aware that it was going to be RIGHT off the door to the warehouse and I mentioned that it was going to be strange to have to walk through the new conference room to access the warehouse.  He said not to worry, it wouldn't be a problem.  I then inquired how long until it was totally framed and he said that portion should be done later this week.  All I could think was, thank goodness!   I have really needed/wanted this conference room for so long and have many appointments lined up for its use (insert bigger eye roll here).

It was kind of quiet for a Monday and 3 PM rolled around and guess what?  No one has seen or heard from the contractors since they left for lunch.  I think maybe a office pool concerning if/when they return may be in our future.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Contractors of The Nuthouse, it promises to be a great one!

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