Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Can 2020 Be Over Now?


Happy Tuesday Nutties!  I think this meme helps to convey my feelings for the past couple of days.  Although I may not subscribe to the beliefs of fortune tellers and tarot card readers, I really do think if I were to visit one, this bad boy would definitely show up on more than one card flip. 

Remember, I thought I needed some fresh ocean air and sunshine on my shoulders?  I spoke with some friends over the weekend and was able to determine a long weekend that would work for everyone.  I came in yesterday with the intent to speak with The Boss concerning getting these dates off as vacation.  Guess what, The Boss is going to be away at the same time and he thinks we both cannot be out of the office at the same time.   I understand his reasoning, but it still sucks.  He might be a pain in the arse, but he has been beyond generous during the quarantine and with everything else...so guess who is not going to the beach.  2020 cannot end soon enough for me!  BTW - I did not ask where he was going, but I wonder if it will be "near England" again this trip (click here for vacation story).

John continues to set off my weirdo meter and now some other employees are seeing it too.  Others in the office have commented that every time they go past his desk, he quickly minimizes the computer window he is working in.  I have noticed this too and I am not the only one who thinks it is strange.  What the hell is he looking at that he wants to keep so secret?  When he is not busy hiding/minimizing his computer screen, John continues to have difficulty with the CAD program that we installed on his computer (click here to read about CAD program issue).  Drew did finally receive his requested drawing, but he is waiting for some amendments he requested.  I really don't think John knows how to use the program.  I hope he will be able to pick it up ASAP because I don't really want to hear what The Boss will think of this newest development.

As we have discussed, The Nuthouse will need to have some additional office space added to the building.  Currently, we are all together and although it works right now, we are going to get on each other's nerves sooner or later.  Well, today a contractor stopped in to meet with The Boss concerning adding the much-needed space.  I overheard some of the conversation and was beyond shocked when I heard they were not discussing extra offices, but rather a conference room!  I immediately thought I must have misunderstood what I had heard.  

After the contractor left, The Boss was quick to sit down and talk about what he had to say.  I think he does this so he can see what Drew has to say, since Drew has tools, but that is another story.  While telling the story, The Boss didn't specifically say what kind of space was being added, so I came right out and asked.  Guess what - we are not adding offices right now, but rather a conference room!  OMFG - what the hell do we need a conference room for!  We don't conference with anyone!  No one comes down this bumpy, unpaved dirt road to see us, much less meet with us!  Now with COVID, no one meets with anyone!  I swear. this man misses every stop on the logic train.  Where are the logic bugs when you need them (click here for logic bug story).  I don't know why shit like this continues to surprise me... but it does.  Oh, by the way... the conference room construction is beginning next week.  God knows we cannot wait...we need a conference room STAT!

I checked in with my parents over the weekend.  My Mom still has a dry cough and she didn't do her tele-med visit with her doctor.  Rest assured, she did get her hair done and it looks great (click here to read Mom story).  Can it just be 2021 already!  I told my Mom if there is a resurgence of COVID in her area she will be considered Patient Zero - she didn't find that amusing at all.  She really doesn't get me at all!

Enjoy your evening and if you come up with a way to immediately make it 2021 please drop me a note and let me know how.  I am so done with this fricken' year!

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