Monday, August 31, 2020

While The Boss Is Away....Work Gets Done!

Welcome to another Monday Nutties!  I have to admit, getting up today was not my typical Monday fare.  I did not sit on the edge of my bed wondering why and how I got here.  I did not stare aimlessly into my cereal bowl contemplating if there was time to call in sick for the day and not once during my commute, did I consider turning around and going back home.  Why am I in such high spirits you ask?  The answer is simple - The Boss is on vacation this week! This week promises to be pleasant, not insane and we might actually accomplish some work too!!!

When I arrived this morning, I immediately knew it was going to be a good day.  Traffic was light and Dunkin Donuts was not busy at all when I stopped to get donuts for The Nuthouse.  Of course, when The Boss is away, everyone makes sure they show up (and on time).  Even John, who felt he needed Friday off to re-charge came in.  He didn't really look re-charged to me, just annoying.  I really am having a difficult time warming up to this guy; he really bothers every fabric of my being - even his breathing annoys!

We spent some time catching up with each other and we all enjoyed donuts for breakfast.  Now that we were all high on sugar it was time to begin the day.  Monday mornings are usually fairly busy and today was no exception.  We got a couple of good sized orders and a call from a happy customer who received their materials on Saturday morning, just as they requested.  They are not going to like that Saturday delivery charge by the trucking company, but they said they needed it and money was no object.

We had lunch delivered in and we christened the conference room.  I'm sure The Boss would not appreciate the first "meeting" in his new conference room to be a lunch meeting of The Nuthouse, but what he doesn't know will not hurt him.  Anyway, I still cannot imagine the conference room being used for much more than a glorified lunch room - but what do I know?

About 2 PM Adam made the trek from the warehouse, through the parking lot to come into the office and he asked if we had heard from The Boss.  Now, I don't know if anyone remembers the film, Beetle Juice, but one thing I learned from that movie is you don't say someones name three times out loud or they will appear.  This very well may have been the third mention of The Boss today because Alex had no more than gotten the question out of his mouth and then the phone rang.  I bet you can guess who was on the other end...yup, The Boss.

The Boss seemed to be whispering into the phone a bit and I said I was having trouble hearing him.  He said he wasn't supposed to be calling (per his wife), but he knew he had to check in.  I updated him on the orders that arrived and what was going out the door today.  He seemed satisfied that everything was under control and he said he would try to call again tomorrow. Great, something to look forward to (sarcasm again)!

Our Monday ended, much as it had begun - everyone was smiling and looking forward to another Boss free day tomorrow.  I know he is on vacation, but I have to admit - this seems like a vacation for all of us.

Until tomorrow Nutties!

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