Monday, August 24, 2020

Our New Conference Room Is Almost Finished -- But That's Not the Whole Story!


Welcome to Monday Nutties!  The picture above says it all; it may not be pretty, but we made it to the finish line on a couple of outstanding items here in The Nuthouse!  Drew received and was able to send out the drawing that John has been working on for him (Yippee).  I have to admit, I thought this day would never come, but I am sure happy it did.  I am so tired of hearing about this damn drawing (where is it, when will it be done, did you get the latest changes, etc.). Now I just am not looking forward to the day that another drawing is needed.  Clearly our drafts man leaves a bit to be desired in the CAD department.

The other outstanding project is the all-important and so needed conference room (insert eye roll here).  The contractor and crew have been working very diligently on the project.  They must have been in over the weekend, because when I arrived this morning, I noticed all that was remaining was a coating of paint and the laying of the carpeting.  I must go back a bit, because I am not telling the whole story.  As the contractor and crew were working last week, I didn't see the addition of a door in the room to access the warehouse.  Remember, the room was built just past the main door from the office to the warehouse (click here to read story) and when I mentioned to The Boss that it would be strange to walk through the entire conference room to access the warehouse, he told me it wouldn't be a problem.  It now has become completely apparent why it will not be a problem - because there is NO DOOR TO ENTER THE DAMN WAREHOUSE!

Yup, you read that correctly!  We have lost access to the warehouse from the office because of this freakin' conference room.  In order to access the warehouse, we now must exit the building, walk across the parking lot and utilize the side door entrance.  This is the door that the truckers use to gain access.  WTF!  Who builds a square box inside a larger room and cuts off access to that main, larger room?  So now, to bring orders to the warehouse, I have to go outside!  Needless to say, the warehouse staff aren't very happy about this new development either.  In order to use the restroom, they have to leave the building, walk across the parking lot and come in the front/main entrance to use the facilities.  It isn't the most pleasant walk right now, because it is hot and humid outside, but what am I going to do in winter?  I am going to have to put a coat on to bring orders to the warehouse.  Wonderful!  I better be careful crossing the icy parking lot or I may end up flat on my arse!  If I was injured, could I collect workers compensation?  I would love to explain the reason for my injury.  Again, I say....WTF!

The Boss was quite proud of his almost completed conference room and was looking for accolades this morning.  No one else said anything about the missing f@cking door - so I did.  Do you know what this lunatic said - he actually told me that I (nor anyone else) needed to be in the warehouse, and he was confused as to why I was so bothered by the new room configuration.   Does this man have any clue on how this place operates every day?  He, himself, goes out into the warehouse at least a dozen times a day, for god sake!  Does he not realize that?  Does he plan on not going out there as often (yeah, right). Again, WTF!  

As The Boss is telling me how I don't need access to the warehouse - I look over at Rachael and she looks like she is going to explode from laughter.  I am happy to see that I am not the only one who thinks this whole thing insanity personified.  I now am wondering if the contractor asked about the lack of access to the warehouse or if he just blindly listed to this wind bag of a boss and built what the crazy man with the money asked for.

On a positive note, I guess I will be adding some steps each day to my Apple Watch count; but on second thought, according to the powers at be, I don't need to go into the warehouse.  Maybe we can add one of those old-fashioned air tubes to send the orders out to the warehouse.  I wonder if the contractor could do that for us.  I should inquire....

Until next time!  Tomorrow, I'll make sure I wear comfortable walking shoes!

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