Tuesday, September 15, 2020

It Looks Like The Nuthouse Is Down a Nut


After everyone arrived this morning, The Boss called a staff meeting and asked everyone to come into the conference room (see, I knew we needed this room for something).  After everyone settled in, he said that John had phoned him at home last evening and after some discussion it was "mutually decided" that John would no longer be employed by The Nuthouse.  

I cannot say that anyone was completely surprised by these turn of events.  After storming out of the office in the early afternoon on Friday and not showing up for work yesterday; we all knew something was going to happen.  According to The Boss, John said he didn't feel he was a good fit here and wanted to leave on good terms (too late for that).  The Boss said that he seemed a bit irrational when they spoke - saying that most of the employees were "out to get him" and he just didn't think he could make it work here any longer.  Funny, he didn't mention that he was unable to perform the main task that he was hired for, but I guess that must have slipped his mind.

The Boss said that we would be mailing him any personal effects that were left in/on his desk so he didn't have to come back to the office.  I think The Boss is concerned that John might still be holding a grudge against him.  Come to think of it, it sounds like John has a bone to pick with everyone here; it might be better for everyone if we never see that weirdo again. The Boss gave me the wonderful task of cleaning out his desk and boxing up his personal items for UPS.  He also requested that I make plans to place an ad for a replacement.  

As yesterday, John was the major topic of conversation.  It's amazing how much fodder can be found in office politics and when the participant is a crazy weirdo, it's an even hotter topic.  After lunch, I went into the warehouse to box up John's items (there were only a few) and I also made sure there were no pending items he was working on.  As I was going through the papers on his desk, I found some strange items.  First, it looks like he did quite a lot of shopping online when he was working at The Nuthouse.  I guess you can't judge someone by their purchases, but there was some strange stuff.  What you can judge a person by is when they visit  and print material from porno sites during the workday.  Yup, that's right, I found many nude pictures printed from our color printer in his desk.

Now, I will not subject you to the gory details, but suffice to say our technical representative/drafts person had some strange porno preferences.  Just when you think The Nuthouse couldn't get any stranger -  BAM! you find porno printed out in an employees desk.  Good riddance Nutjob - you give us "normal" Nutties a bad name!

Until next time and remember - don't print porno at work; it isn't fair for the poor sucker who has to clear out your desk when you leave.

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