Monday, September 28, 2020

Maybe If We All Followed This Meme!


This right here is pure I say!  If more people subscribed to this simple statement, the world might not be in the shape it is currently in.  I defy anyone to argue otherwise!

Monday's in The Nuthouse can be... nutty to say the least.  After the confrontation The Boss had with the neighbor across the pond last week (click here for recap), he is even more obsessed with what is going on over there (I know - I didn't think it was possible either)!  He must go outside two dozen times a day to watch what is going on over there.  I swear to god, he is driving everyone crazy!  I suggested we put a picnic table out there so he can have his coffee, watch is latest nemesis and stay out of our hair.  He could also keep an eye out for visits from John since he is concerned about that now too.

My weekend was way too fast; I woke up this morning and for the life of me I couldn't even remember being off for two days.  I spoke to my parents via FaceTime (click here for our Facetime struggles) and I must admit, it wasn't the most horrible thing of the weekend.  My Mom seems to be getting the process down much better than before.  I no longer need to take a Dramamine prior to our conversation, as she now puts the IPad on a flat surface and doesn't touch it (thank god).  They are both doing well and continue to stay healthy (although I didn't speak with my Dad).  I did have to hear how my Mom is sure my Dad is "losing it" because he doesn't remember things, but then she tells me she forgot to take the sheets off the bed for laundry day.  When I questioned her about her forgetfulness, she said that I was being ridiculous.  Oh, getting old is not for the faint at heart and neither is being the child of two people getting older.

I started a new workout routine this weekend and although I am enjoying it - my body was screaming at me Sunday morning when I attempted to get out of bed.  I guess that is a good thing!  I hope to keep it up because as I have mentioned before our quarantine time was not kind to my waist line.

Hope your Monday wasn't too awful Nutties; don't worry, they say it gets easier from here.  I'm not sure who "they" are, but I am hoping they are right. Until next time!

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