Monday, September 14, 2020

Drew Had An Interesting Encounter...

I arrived this morning to a voicemail from John saying he would not be in and was taking a "re-charge" day today.  I don't know about you, but clearly with all of the recharging he needs to do, maybe he should change to Energizer batteries.  As I announced to the staff that John would not be in, Drew laughed and said he had a story to tell.

As you remember, John and The Boss had a bit of a "dust up" on Friday (click here to refresh your memory) and John left the building and did not return.  Well, we now know where he went....Drew's house!  

Drew's story began when he arrived home on Friday afternoon; he pulled in his driveway, saw a car sitting there and quickly realized it belonged to John.  Drew said as soon as John saw him pull in, he immediately got out of his car and had a six pack of beer with him. Drew parked his truck, got out and asked John what he was doing at his home and how did he know where he lived.  John laughed and said, "don't worry, I'm not stalking you - I found it on the internet."  As Drew is telling this story,  I was as surprised and shocked as everyone else.  I always thought John was a weirdo, but I never thought he would search for someones house on the internet and just show up.  Then again, he did just show up at The Nuthouse before (click here for story)  

Drew said he thought it was strange and he wasn't too worried, but he kept the visit outside just to be safe.  They sat at a picnic table and John started ranting about how poorly he was being treated at the office.  He told Drew how nasty The Boss was to him and how much he was yelling at him (for the record, the only yelling we heard was from John toward The Boss).  John continued to drink the beer he brought and complain about The Nuthouse and the employees;  for example, I didn't take fact that his chair hurt his back seriously enough and Rachael wasn't always as nice to him like she is to others. He also said he didn't understand why everyone needed drawings so quickly.  I guess, according to John a small CAD drawing produced in one week is normal and why would anyone expect it sooner than that.

Drew said he listened to him and didn't say very much because he didn't want to get him any more worked up.  After about two hours of complaining, Drew said that he had an appointment he had to get to and maybe John should go.  Drew then got up from the picnic table and walked John to his car.  When Drew said he would see John on Monday, John just laughed and said that he didn't think so.

The Boss was listening to the story intently and after Drew was done, he questioned if Drew thought John had a "real issue" with him.  I think The Boss is afraid John may go postal on him.  Drew told The Boss that John was just blowing off steam and is more talk than bite and not to worry (easier said than done for The Boss).  Next thing I know, I hear The Boss on the phone to his wife telling her to look out for a blue car around the house.

As you imagine, Drew's story and conversations about John encompassed the entire day.  It was interesting to have someone else to discuss other than The Boss for a change.  I'm not sure if we will be graced with Johns' presence tomorrow, but if he is here, I'm sure The Boss will make sure he is not alone in a room with him.

Interesting stuff indeed!  Until tomorrow Nutties!

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