Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Boss Had An Idea!


It happens sometimes, The Boss gets an idea.  Now, this idea may be something that has been discussed previously by others or it may be to correct a totally stupid, asinine previous idea of his doing.  In case you were wondering, the idea that The Boss came up with today covers both those scenarios.

As I have bitched about on numerous posts, The Boss had a conference room built (thank goodness, now we have somewhere to eat our lunch), but in doing so utilized and removed the only entry to the warehouse from the office area (click here for recap).  Initially, I don't think this lack of entry was bothersome to The Boss.  It gave him an opportunity to spend even more time away from his desk, he now had to actually exit the building to get to the warehouse to gab with the staff),  it provided him some "fresh air" time and a bit of extra steps for his daily FitBit tally.  As they say, the worm turned once inclement weather became a factor.  The Boss was not happy when he had to exit the building during one of our many rain storms this summer to gain access to the warehouse.  This only occurred a couple of times, so it was quickly forgotten.  Now the weather has changed in a more dramatic fashion; in 2020 there is no fall on the east coast -one day it is 85 degrees and the next day you wake up and it is feels like winter.

Today was one of those days.  The high today was a blustery 50 degrees with both wind and clouds.  Not a very nice day to go for a stroll to say the least.  Today, The Boss had to make four (necessary) trips to the warehouse.  That is not counting his three unnecessary trips.  So, a total of seven trips outside, across the parking lot and then back to return to the office.  After his sixth trip (yes, I was counting), I heard him on the phone talking with someone about some changes he wanted to make to the conference room.  I didn't think much of it, but once I saw the contractor who built the conference room walk through the front door, I knew exactly what was about to happen..... we were going to FINALLY get a door!

The Boss and the contractor entered the conference room and exited about 15 minutes later.  The contractor said he would be by next week.  The contractor left and The Boss was quick to sit down in the middle of the room to tell everyone what was going on.  He started off by saying that he had an idea last evening and after the inclement weather today and his numerous trips to the warehouse, he knew it was really a great idea.  He outlined how the contractor was going to cut a hole in the wall and create a door.  This way we would enter the conference room and exit the new door into the warehouse.  He really was proud of this idea and actually said that it would make life for everyone much easier.

We all just looked at him, shook our heads in agreement and went back to work.  I think he was disappointed that no one fawned over this "great idea".  Dejected, he returned to his office for most of the remaining day.  Needless to say, we never should have not had a door to the warehouse...who the hell would build a room that way, but I am happy to hear we are finally getting a door.  Better late than never!

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