Friday, October 16, 2020

Happy National Boss Day!


Happy National Boss Day!  Today is the day where workers everywhere celebrate the wonderfulness (is that a word?) of their bosses.  In The Nuthouse we like to celebrate this holiday also; just not in the way nature intended.  Instead, today we will be revisiting some of our favorite "classic" Boss stories.  I hope you enjoy this trip down crazy.. I mean, memory lane!
  • Did you realize that the Bahamas is "right near England"?  I didn't either, until I became employed in The Nuthouse.  Thank goodness I came here when I did, my lack of proper geography could have been quite embarrassing if it had been discovered (click here for recap).
  • Do you know how long you should warm your car prior to driving it in the winter?  According to The Boss it is much longer than you may think.  It's like I learn something new each day! (click here for recap)?
  • Be careful - there are entities monitoring your emails.  They want to know what you say and what you purchase from Amazon...beware! (click here for recap)
  • Forklifts can be dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands or hands that don't know how to run them. (click here for recap)
  • Something else learned while employed at The Nuthouse - heat + plastic do not mix.  Another tip I am sooo happy I learned; it has saved me countless amounts of money and time. (click here for recap
  • We learned that bees can be dangerous creatures and they also have a tendency to be annoyed by The Boss.  Sorry Fed Ex guy! (click here for recap)
  • Did you know that thermostats and ditches can be treacherous?  You learned it here first! (click here for recap and here for recap)
These are just some of my favorites, but luckily for me there are many more.  Happy Boss Day to all the "normal" bosses out there and for us at The Nuthouse; it's just a day to reflect and hope tomorrow (or in this case Monday) is a little better.

Happy weekend Nutties!

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