Friday, October 23, 2020

Injury At The Nuthouse...and It Was Not Wayne!


If you're a fan of our little blog, you know that most likely when an injury occurs on-site that Wayne is involved.  In his short tenure at The Nuthouse, he has famously burned off his eyebrows (click here for recap) and branded his own hand (click here for recap), and that was all before his three month anniversary.  He will always be a walking disaster, but today the injury we are discussing was sustained, not by Wayne, but rather The Boss.

Now, The Boss is not immune to injuries either; if you remember, he injured himself while on vacation (click here for recap), and we all suffered for that injury.  He also doesn't have a good record with the forklift in the warehouse (click here for recap), well today that same forklift exacted its revenge.  

We arrived this morning to find The Boss sitting in the middle of his office in his chair with his leg up on his visitors chair and a hand towel of some sort draped over his head.  He looked a bit like a pouty Cam Newton when he is having a bad game.  As you can imagine, no one wanted to broach the subject, but we had to ask what was going on. Oh, here we go...

So, as the story goes, The Boss arrived this morning and went in the warehouse to turn everything on.  We have these enormous overhead lights that take a while, once turned on, to come to full illumination. They almost have to warm up first.  So, when you flick the light switch, the warehouse doesn't immediately light up.  This is where the issue began.  He didn't wait until the lights reached full illumination (or any illumination) and attempted to navigate around a working warehouse in the dark (sounds like a smart decision... right?).  Well, as you can imagine, a normal person would not attempt such a foolish task.  As we have established, The Boss is not normal; he ended up tripping over one of the forks of the forklift and twisted his ankle and/or knee (we aren't quire sure yet).  He also reported that he is "all scraped" along his leg.  Then in perfect "Boss" fashion, he started complaining that the warehouse was messy and that was why he had his accident.  Yup, there is always someone else at fault for his poor judgement.

As the morning progressed, the sighing and the oohing and ahhhing continued to help illustrate to everyone he was in "extreme pain".  Someone suggested that he go to insta-care or even the insta-care at the orthopedic center near the office.  Each time someone make the suggestion of seeing a professional he said he would think about it.  All I could think was that this day was going to be a year long having to deal with this boo-boo.

Around 3 PM The Boss spoke with his wife who also must have suggested seeing a doctor, because as soon as he finished his call with her, he was out the door.  We didn't hear from him again before we left for the day, but I'm sure we will all know the outcome first thing Monday morning.  Maybe I feel an illness coming on and might not be able to make it on Monday....we will have to see.

Enjoy your weekend Nutties!

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