Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Boss Now Decides How Work Orders Are Filled

We were happy to find another large order waiting for upon our arrival today!  As I have mentioned, since we have been back to work, we have been quite busy and for that we are all grateful!  Not soon after the order arrival, we received a memo from The Boss - see a portion of it below:

To:  All Sales 
From: The Boss
Re:  Production
Date: 6/24/2020

It's kind of a good news bad news thing.  Everyone's efforts have produced great results in the last week, at the same time!  This has put the ball in Adam, Alex and Wayne's court.  History has shown that they are all more than capable of great production.  But in order for them to accomplish these tasks, I will be deciding the order that work orders will be filled and shipped.  If your customers are going to continue to receive the service they have grown to expect, it is essential that we make this change for the foreseeable future.  Therefore, do not go to the shop to inquire about your order, or whether anything else can go today or what is in stock.  Direct ALL inquires to myself or Nutty.  Inquiring of the shop can stop everyone from working on the very thing you are asking about and further delay its completion.  

According to need, the following priority of the orders received has been assigned as follows:


Up until this point, orders were pretty much filled as they arrived, unless someone requested a next day air package, etc.  If a small order were to arrive, in many instances one of the warehouse guys would get it together in between other larger orders so it didn't have to wait. 

Now, under the new process, when a work order is generated it goes directly to The Boss, rather than the warehouse.  He has his own clipboard and is constantly shuffling the sequence of the orders.  I am not exaggerating when I say, he must alter the sequence at least four times a day - and that's if no new orders arrive.  Did I also mention that each time he changes the sequence, he creates a new "master list" with the company name, items, etc.  This man kills more trees with his amended lists than anyone I have ever known. 

Once he has the amended list, he will then go and conference with the warehouse personnel about why he made the change.  Each conference averages about 20 minutes - in which production stops completely!  How in the name of everything holy does he think this process is helping to get orders done more efficiently?  Didn't he warn the salespeople in his memo about inquiries stopping production?  I know, the "rules" don't apply to him - but he is the major problem with production stoppage.

Now that he has assigned himself this new "task" I have heard him mention twice that he has been unable to get anything done.  Maybe if he was not amending the work order sequence, creating a new master list and killing trees like a damn madman he could get something accomplished!  FYI - only two orders were completed and shipped today.  This new process is going to be so wonderful and efficient (yes, I did roll my eyes after I typed this).

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