Monday, April 20, 2020

I'm Back Home & Face Timing with My Parents!

Welcome to Monday, or as I am referring to it - hell on earth day.  As if back to being stuck home wasn't bad enough (I really loved being out at the new offices last week), today I am planning to catch up with my parents on a Face Time call. As you might remember, we did not speak last week because of me being at the new building.  Oh, and did I also mention it is Monday?  Yup, I am living a trifecta of pain and suffering today!

I started my day just as I have for the many past weeks being under quarantine.  Up, showered, dressed, dog walked and breakfast for all human and furry.  Then off to the office, which, currently, is just down the hall and to the left (traffic was a bitch today).   I sent out invoices for the materials that were shipped last week.  Now, I know they are not going to be paid anytime soon, but someday, I am confident that people will return to their offices and actually produce work product again.   Oh, how my dreams have changed over these past weeks!  I also spoke with The Boss two times before 10 AM today.  He updated me on his progress with getting everything turned over to the new building (internet, electric, phones, etc.).  After the second call, he said he was going to relax after lunch and take the rest of the day for himself and I should do the same.  Don't mind if I do - you don't have to tell me twice!

After lunch, I knew I had put it off as long as I could - I needed to phone my parents.  Now, if you remember my earlier posts, my parents and I have been talking frequently during these strange times.  They need to make make sure I am eating properly and taking care of myself and I want to do the same for them.  It is difficult to live far from your parents as they get older and with everything going on right now, it has become even more difficult.  Thank goodness for technology and strangely enough, their limited ability to use it.

I texted my Mom and told her I was going to FaceTime her (she needs proper warning).  I reminded her to turn up the volume on the IPad (remember the fiasco last time?) and to make sure it was plugged in if it wasn't fully charged.  Fair we go - let the fun begin!

Wow, it rang, she answered and I was able to see the top half of her head.  Why does this woman insist on moving the IPad around while she speaks to me?  I swear it's like she was a baton thrower in a past life.  She said that I looked like I was doing well - which is a complete lie...the woman can't see me with all her intricate baton moves!  She caught me up on her trip to the grocery store, they did not have hamburger and they are still out of toilet paper.  She spent the next five minutes asking why I thought people were using and/or buying so many paper products.  Rest assured, she had her theories  and I listened to them all.   I will be kind to you and not subject you to them also - consider it my gift to you.   I then realize it looks as if she has found the camera flip button.  So now the picture is not only moving around from her re-positioning the IPad, but the camera keeps also flipping from the top of her head (or ceiling) to a view of their bedroom.  I have to tell Alexa to remind me to take Dramamine before our next FaceTime call - otherwise I honestly may throw up from motion sickness.

I asked about Dad and wanted to make sure he was also doing well.  She assured me he was fine and had just jumped into the shower because he had been working outside.  I guess the weather is nice there today.  She was continuing with her story about her friend who believes that the virus will be around until Christmas time and the next thing I know I get a full shot of my Dad in his tighty whities!  She clearly had the camera facing the wrong way and lucky me,  I got a view that is now seared into my brain.  No one wants to see their parents in their under-roos, much less when they are almost seventy years old!  I screamed for her to flip the camera and she didn't know what I was talking about.  I told her what I was looking at/seeing and she laughed so hard she was crying.  My Dad also thought it was hilarious and was quick to remind me that is what I have to look forward to!  I did not find it nearly as funny as they did!

We said our goodbyes and made another FaceTime date for next week (lord help me). I made everyone promise to be wearing full clothes and to leave the IPad in one stationary position.  Well, we will see how that goes.  I think I deserve to have the rest of the day off - big shout out to The Boss for the suggestion!

Enjoy your day!

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