Thursday, January 16, 2020

Drinks After Work Are Now Story Time...

I met some friends after work last night for a few drinks and to catch up.  We hadn't all been together in quite a while and our "meeting" was long overdue.  After catching up on how everyone survived the holidays, the topic predictably turned towards work.  Now, everyone was well aware of my inability to choose a full-time vocation.  It had become somewhat of a running joke that I change jobs like I change my underwear.  Which is why temporary work had suited me just fine (if you ask me, I think they were just jealous and sad that they do the same thing day in and day out)

In the past, this group of friends had enjoyed hearing about the organizations I had been placed with and some of the interesting people I had met along the way.  No one was aware of my latest placement or that I had recently accepted an actual full-time position there.  When I told them that I was no longer doing temporary work, they wondered, had I retired (I wish), was I going back to school (yeah, that had worked out well in the past) or had I met a "Sugar Mama" who was subsidizing all of my needs, wants and desires (now, that doesn't sound bad at all).  When I informed them that I had accepted a offer to stay at my last placement and was now a full-time working stiff, they found it hard to believe.  What wonderful organization had convinced me that working in the same place five days a week was better than my temporary gig, they asked.

I didn't tell them the name of the company, but I referred to it as the "Nuthouse" just like I do in this blog.  I then started to outline the "characters" that worked there and some of the interesting and unbelievable things that have occurred during my short tenure (I have not told them about the blog yet, I want to get a few more months under my belt before I let the "world" in on this insanity).  They immediately think I am making these stories up - this is understandable, if I wasn't personally living it, I would think it was made up also.  I have known these friends for YEARS; deep down they know I do not lie and they believe me (who the hell could make these stories up)?.

Our catch up "meeting" lasted well into the evening and way too many drinks were consumed.  There were many favorite stories; some of them had tears running down their cheeks when I told the story about Wayne and the missing eyebrows.  When we parted ways we already had a date for our next after work meeting (that never happens).  As we made our way to the front door and spilled out into the street, they said to "make sure I document the happenings at the Nuthouse so I don't forget anything for next time".  Little do they know - I am documenting (and blogging) as I go! 

Until next time....

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