Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I Have a List of Names!

I arrived this morning and the moon, sun and stars must have aligned while I was sleeping, because sitting there on my chair was a list of names.  Now, if I am to be honest with you, I did not expect to receive the list today.  I hate to think I am becoming a pessimist,  I have started to get accustomed to not expecting materials in a timely manner.  I hate to say it, but The Boss just doesn't have the same sense of urgency that you would think the owner of a company would have.  That being said, I have the names....so reservations here I come.  I wanted to thank The Boss for the information, but he was meeting with someone I hadn't seen before.

Back to the reservations - it looks like everyone will be going (The Boss, Rachel, Mike) and someone named Drew is also on the list.  Just as I am about to ask around to see who the heck "Drew" is, the door to The Boss' office opens and he introduces us to our newest salesperson....Drew!

At first glance, I notice that Drew is wearing work boots, jeans and a NASCAR jacket.  An odd choice for an interview outfit, but who am I to judge?  Who am I kidding - I LOVE to judge!  He seems friendly and has a loud, deep laugh.  At closer inspection, he is also carrying around a plastic cup.  As I wonder...why the hell is this guy carrying around a plastic cup, I quickly discover why.  He chews tobacco and spits some nasty looking brown sludge in the cup at regular intervals!  Now, I am not the queasy type, but for some reason, this visual gives me the heebie jeebies (I'm not sure if I'm spelling that correctly, but you know what I mean).

The Boss takes Drew to the sales area where Rachel and Mike currently sit and introduces them.  He tells Drew that this is where he will be sitting for now.  He also mentions that we are in the process of finding a new building that will give us more space.  Drew sits down in a chair.  This is the only piece of office furniture that is available, there is no desk and more importantly, no telephone that he can use.  How exactly is a person to succeed in a sales position without a working office telephone or desk.   A more important question rolling around in my head is where the hell is he going to put that plastic spit cup?   OMG, this is going to be soooo interesting.  I am going to bet you right now that we will move to a new facility before Drew is presented with a desk or phone.  Is anyone willing to take that bet?  Come on, I'll give odds!

Back to my only task for today - reservations.  I don't want to miss the opportunity to send these crazy people away for a few days next month (did I mention that I am looking forward to them being gone?).  The Boss has said that he would like everyone to fly out the afternoon of the 22nd and fly back February 29.  I have been tasked at finding the best and most economical flight and to reserve hotel rooms at the Westgate (the convention center is attached to this hotel).

This task would have been a walk in the park and a few clicks of a mouse if they had been made months ago (like a normal, non-nutty person would do).  Considering we are less than one month out, flights are not only expensive, but I cannot get everyone on the same one.   That is not too huge of a problem, at second thought, probably everyone should not fly together for safety reasons (see, I always find the bright spot), but the hotel is another story.  The Westgate has been booked for MONTHS!  Of course it has, it is the hotel that is connected to the convention center and where everyone wants to stay for easy access to the trade show.

So, no Westgate hotel for our employees!  Fortunately, Vegas is not lacking in hotels, but we have encountered another problem.  Since the Westgate is not available, The Boss wants to stay as close as he can to the convention center and the choices are not the greatest.  Everyone else has mentioned staying at a hotel on the strip and then taking the monorail to the convention center.  The Boss doesn't want to take the monorail, he wants to have the ability to walk from the hotel to the show.

All afternoon the conversation has centered around Vegas hotels; I just need them to decide where they are going to stay!  They can stay in a hostel for all I care, I just want them to be booked and scheduled to leave!  Finally after going back and forth, I was able to get everyone a room at the MGM Grand and they will take the monorail to and from the show.

Then the other shoe drops, The Boss has informed me not to make a reservation for him.  He is going to make his own reservations someplace closer so he can walk to the event each day.  He says he cannot be bothered to wait for the monorail each day.  Well, you don't have to tell me twice, it looks like my job here is done!  Bets on if The Boss books himself an actual room in time or if one of the salespeople will be stuck with him bunking with him.  I bet Rachel is giggling to herself right now because she knows she will not be getting stuck with him.

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