Monday, January 27, 2020

Important Things Accomplished Today!

Welcome to another Monday fellow nutties!  I am back for another fun-filled and infuriating week of work in the Nuthouse.  I had a great weekend and am happy to report, had no calls from The Boss  (thank goodness for small favors).

My Monday started off with hopefully the answer to the question on everyone's mind - who will be attending the major Vegas trade show February 25-28.  Well, I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer. (drum roll, please) The Boss still hasn't decided.  He is going to "deliberate for a while" and will let me know soon.  I cannot say I am surprised.  I probably would have choked on my chewing gum if he had provided the names of anyone (working here or not) as attendees.

As the day progressed and he continued to "deliberate" he did have time to write the following  important memo:

To:  To Whom it May Concern
From:  The Boss
Subject:  General Remarks

This may not apply to you.

Please let everyone know when you are leaving the building so your calls can be properly routed.  Sometimes people leave and everyone is unaware that they have.  Whomever answers the phone continues to buzz offices when there is no one there.  Customers are then left on hold while the search continues, etc. etc.

Since we will have new staff members joining us soon, it will become even more important that you let everyone know whether you are available or not.


(Cue sarcastic voice), I'm so glad the afternoon was used to convey this important information.  Rest assured, there is NOTHING going on that is currently more important than telling everyone where you are going so no one is looking for you. (enter eye roll now)

I do know one thing for darn sure - as it currently stands, NO ONE is going to be at the Vegas trade show!  Will that be changing anytime soon?  Tune in again tomorrow for the continuing saga of who will be on the plane to Vegas.

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