Friday, January 3, 2020

Nothing Crazy Happened Today!

Today was a quiet day and it resembled a fairly normal office environment.  Everyone must be a bit worn out from the holiday and their “crazy” just isn’t coming to the surface like usual.  Here is a couple of things to keep you up to speed on the day- to- day.

1.  The Boss had lunch brought in for everyone to celebrate 2020.  As crazy has he may act sometimes, he seems to be genuinely nice and also generous with his employees.

2.  Wayne came back and still doesn't have any eyebrows (not that I thought they would be back yet).  He was able to remove the black, sooty haze from his eye glasses and The Boss has told him they need to discuss what occurred on the dock.

3.  Mike has informed me that he is "born again" and have I ever considered it (I told you he wanted me to join his "team").  I smiled and told him no, I was born right the first time!  (Now, I cannot take credit for this line - it is from a Dennis Miller stand up routine I saw one time and never forgot).  I cannot be sure, but I think I heard Rachel giggle when I said it.

4.  The Boss is still sporting the latest footwear of 2020 (the highly sought after, open toed sneaker) and he doesn't seem to be limping as much.  It must be exhausting to try and remember you are injured.

5.  The Boss mentioned that we might be moving to a new location very only question will be how do the bathrooms look.  Holding out and visiting the facilities for the entire day is becoming annoying!

Have a great weekend and I'll be here on Monday (with my straight jacket)!

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