Monday, January 13, 2020

Even Customer Entry Is a "Process"

After a much needed weekend away, I was really looking forward to coming back in and finishing up the work that I had started on Friday.  I now not only have a computer, but I convinced The Boss that we need an accounting program (who would have thought a company should have one of those).  I received and loaded the program on the computer Friday and began the arduous process of entering the client information.  Now, this process should have just been a simple one - enter the customer name, address, phone number, etc. and since it is January 2020 we could start fresh.  Did you forget where I work and my previous posts?  This is the Nuthouse sweetheart; it's never, ever that easy!

There is no customer list available to me.  I do not mean that there is not one I can have, borrow or steal; I mean there is not one CREATED!  My god, it is like re-inventing the wheel each and every time something needs to be done here!  So, Friday began my quest (yes, I was being brave)!  I went to the handy, dandy filing cabinet and pulled out the old (used), 9 x 12 envelope for January 2019 and began entering customers from previous sales.  Unfortunately, these sales orders do not include contact names or phone numbers, but I guess it would have been greedy for me to expect as much!

So, today I continued reminiscing though the sales for the year 2019 and entering the customers that purchased into our new accounting system.  My plan is to research and find phone numbers, contact names, etc. and add them in the very near future.  This will assure the new employees (especially any salespeople) that The Boss will be hiring in the near future will have a customer list available (novel idea...I know).

As I entered the information today, I couldn't help but laugh.  At least this place is entertaining and no matter how long I am here, I can honestly say that I will be leaving it in a better position than when I started.  I guess that makes me feel productive!

Until next time - I'll be here in accounting program entry hell!

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