Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Boss Is Back (and Injured)

The Boss returned from his trip "someplace near England" (but in all actuality, we know it was the Bahamas).   He looks rested and has a tan -  I didn't realize England was so sunny and warm this time of year!  He is not only sporting a darker skin tone, but I quickly notice a limp in his step upon arrival.  I quickly ask if he is okay and he ignores me and acts like he didn't hear question. 

I then notice something strange about his footwear choice for the day.  No, he not wearing winter boots. The foot choice of today is sneakers - one of which has the entire top portion cut off exposing his toes, back to the middle of his foot (just leaving the sole of the shoe).  Wrapped around his toes looks like an old washcloth that may have been located in his garage and used for oil changes.  It is dirty, definitely oily...just trust me, it's gross looking!  Now, just a bit about me - I don't like feet!  Feet, although they are necessary for balance and travel about this fine earth; should not been seen or exposed after the age of three!   Just put those nasty things away!  Moving on....

I laugh a bit to myself and ask once again if he was okay and what happened to his foot in England (lol).  I'm not quite sure what went on during this vacation, but I'm beginning to get concerned because the injury (along with the vacation location), is clearly considered top secret in his world.  This alone brings up so many questions to me!  He states "he just had a bit of an accident" and leaves it at that.

Although, he doesn't mention the injury, that does not mean it is not a major topic of the day!  He might not talk about it, but he is quite animated when walking around - as long as other people can see him or are near him.  If he is alone, or doesn't think anyone is looking, he is able to traverse any area like a mountain lion - smooth, stealthy and with no evidence of injury whatsoever. 

As the day continues, this injury/no injury becomes more and more obvious and quite entertaining for me to watch.  Also, as the day progresses, I honestly believe he "forgets" about the injury because he will be going along like a gazelle and then he must remember, "shit, I forgot my foot is supposed to be hurt" and the limp comes back even more pronounced.  I do see the other employees noticing the same strange actions that I am.  I wish we were friendlier (and knew each other better) because I sure would like to talk to them about it!

Final thought - I am beginning to think The Boss might like llama drama!

Final, final thought - Happy New Year to you and welcome to 2020!  I have a feeling that this year will be an interesting one if things continue to go in the same direction as 2019 ended.

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