Sunday, January 19, 2020

Reminders For Days Off Are NOT Required

When I became a full-time employee at the Nuthouse, holidays, vacation and sick days were discussed.  I was provided a list of holidays which seemed to mirror if financial institutions and mail delivery were closed, the office would be closed.  This seemed like a great benefit since many of the organizations I had temp'd for actually worked some of these days.

We were coming up on a three day weekend (thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.) and I was looking forward to sleeping in, catching up on some streaming and possibly even reading a good book.  Yup, my life is jam packed and I am a party animal!  It seemed like everything was falling into place, because it was going to be a very cold and snowy weekend.  This assured that I wouldn't look like too much of a loser just staying in my apartment the entire three days.  I wasn't the only one looking forward to this three day weekend - it was a hot topic in the office and everyone seemed like they needed a bit of a break.

One more piece of information before I fast forward to 6:30AM this (Sunday) morning.  When I agreed to stay on full time, I was asked to complete this short form which asked for my name, address, phone number and a number for in case of emergency.  This seemed totally normal and I presented the completed form to The Boss on my first official day.  Although I haven't revealed much about myself in this blog, I am single and do not really have a ICE (in case of emergency) person.  That being said, I thought my best (and only) option would be my parents.   I thought, why would they EVER need to be called?  What emergency would ever occur to me at the Nuthouse that would require their notification?  I'm sure they would never be bothered by anyone from here.  Well, I learned this morning, how wrong I was!

Fast forward to 6:30AM this morning (Sunday).  I did not hear my phone (located in the other room) ringing.  I must have been dreaming about all the things I was not going to get done on this long weekend.  Truth be told, I don't think I would have answered it anyway - who the hell would bother me at 6:30AM on a Sunday?  mmm....wonderful sleep....

It is now 6:45AM and I am awoken from my dream - if I remember correctly, I am playing volleyball on a beach in the Caribbean....gosh, dreams are wonderful!  Yes, that is my phone ringing from the other room.  I stumble out and as I pick it up I see it is my parents.  I am surprised and a bit concerned for such an early call and I answer it immediately.

I am unable to even get the entire word "hello" out of my mouth before my mother inundates me with questions.  "Where are you, are you okay, were you in an accident from the snowstorm, why didn't you pick up the phone for your boss"?  Wait a minute, what the hell is she talking about?  As I wipe the sleep out of my eyes and say all the right things to calm my mother down, I am able to get the whole, sorted story from her.

I can now see, I missed a call from The Boss at 6:30AM.  He didn't leave a message, but I can see the missed call.  He then must have then promptly PHONED MY EMERGENCY CONTACT - MY PARENTS!  He told them he had tried to call me, but I didn't answer and did they know where I was.  I maybe forgot to mention - my parents live in ANOTHER STATE and are two hours behind me (so, they received this call at 4:30AM in the freakin' morning).  Of course my parents didn't know where I was, but now they were worried and had to get in touch with me to make sure I wasn't dead in a ditch somewhere (my mothers favorite and most used expression of my demise).  After spending over half an hour on the phone, my mother now believes I am not only okay but alive!  She did ask if there was something weird with The Boss... was he on the spectrum?  Yes, coffee actually came out of my nose when she said that!

Oh, most importantly, I almost forgot the reason for the 6:30AM call from The Boss.  It was a reminder that the office was closed tomorrow! 

If you are off on Monday, enjoy your three day weekend!  My plan on Tuesday morning - taking back that ICE form from "The Boss"

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