Thursday, June 4, 2020

An Update From The Nuthouse

I thought I might update you on some of the goings on at The Nuthouse.  I don't really have a "big story" to tell today - it was a quiet and non-eventful day (it does happen every once in a while).  Here are just the facts ma'am!

  • My eyeball is only providing me a personal light show a few times a day now.  It is still weird when it happens, but it is good to know it's nothing serious....just me closer to death!
  • The bruises on my face, legs and foot are almost gone.  The one half of my toenail is still attached, so I am sure I will be catching that bitch on a sock or bed sheet soon and ripping it clean off.  Definitely, not looking forward to that at all!
  • The geese are still using the grassy area near our pond as their own personal Hedonism Resort. They are not social distancing; they don't wear masks and I think they are having unprotected sex.  I am so looking forward to their offspring visiting our shores soon and the chaos it will create.
  • The bees seem to have retreated and are waving the white flag of surrender.  The Boss is very proud of himself and actually seems to be walking around a bit taller than usual.  This man is proud to have won against, his life must be full of disappointment.
  • Orders continue to pour into the offices and the warehouse staff is doing a great job of getting everything out the door in a timely manner. Great job guys!
  • I am sure of it now - Rachel no longer has the hots for Drew.  As I mentioned before, I think his spit cup of tobacco was the nail in his coffin.  A love story that never had a chance to bloom.
  • Speaking of coffins - is the TV show, What We Do in The Shadows on your must watch list?  If not, check it out...hilarious stuff!
  • Mike and Wayne had a religious pow-wow today.  I hope it isn't recruitment time again already
  • The Boss went to the bank today and came back with a new plastic chair mat for himself.  He purchased it at Office Max and it came flat (it wasn't rolled up).  I guess he must have gotten tired of one wheel of his chair falling in the melted hole he created with the heat gun.  He just took the melted one to the warehouse, never to be seen or spoken of again.
  • I heard The Boss call for a dumpster today.  God Bless F'in America!  There is so much garbage and debris piled in the corner of the warehouse that I am convinced it will take someone forever to transport it all to a dumpster.  I hope he told them to come the next day for a garbage pickup.  Of course, he didn't, who am I kidding.
Until next time Nutties!  Have a great evening!

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