Monday, June 22, 2020

In Appreciation of My Dad

If I am to be perfectly honest, I lost track of the date and forgot Sunday was Father's Day.  I know, I know, I am an awful son.  Don't worry, I feel worse than your judgmental thoughts of me every could.  Due to this oversight, I didn't mail my Father's Day card in time for Sunday arrival (remember, my parents live a couple of time zones away).  I came clean to my Dad when we had our FaceTime call on Sunday.  When I apologized, he laughed and said, "I appreciate your cards when they arrive, but I wish you would just save your money and postage.  Don't you know cards are not necessary, I know you like me!"  With that comment, (yup, he did not say I loved him, only that I liked him), I realized where I got my warped sense of humor from; it was Dad.  One hundred percent, Dad!

I don't believe my Dad was close to his Dad - I'm not really sure, because he really didn't speak much about him.  His Dad (my Grandfather), passed away before I was born, so I never had the chance to meet him.  I was able to piece together that he was a tough man, who worked hard, but didn't have much time for his family.  My Dad inherited a strong work ethic, and even though he was always busy with work (my Mom was a "stay at home Mom"), I always remember him being around.  It's funny the things you remember about growing up as you get older and the little things you appreciate.

My Dad and I have always had a similar sense of humor.  I remember he used to make me laugh when I was little at the weirdest things.  We used to do things together on the weekends and as we would leave in his truck, he would say, "we are off like a heard of turtles" and then make some strange noise that he thought sounded like tires squealing (it didn't), but it always made me laugh.  I would "help" him in the garage (I'm sure I wasn't very helpful) and we would have lunch together.  Now, my Dad didn't like vegetables, hated them, in fact, but he always said he would try them if I would.  I grew up to love vegetables and he still hates them, except for corn and an occasional green salad. Even with his aversion to vegetables, he still is alive and kicking, so if you hate veggies, don't worry, it might work out for you too.

As I got older, I became a bit of a wise guy and always thought I had succeeded when/if I made my Dad laugh - even when my Mom would elbow him in the ribs and tell him to stop laughing at me.  Now, my Mom was funny, but unfortunately for her, not because she was trying to be.  This fact alone cemented my relationship with my Dad.  We have always loved to giggle at the things that Mom says or does.  She is used to it after all of this time, but when I was younger, she would get so pissed!  She would tell my Dad, "I cannot believe I birthed someone with your exact sense of humor!"

I have many things to thank my Dad for - working above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted growing up.  For giving me the opportunity to make my own mistakes and not throwing them back in my face, or saying "I told you so" and for giving me a strong foundation of right and wrong.  I don't think kids are in my future (I like other people's kids, but do not want my own), but I know if I were to become a Dad someday, I am lucky to have parents that provided a great road map to follow for raising kids. I just would hope my spawn doesn't have the same sense of humor - god help my Mom if there were three of us!

It was nice spending some time with my Dad yesterday, even if it was via electronics.  He told me about his week, his big plans for Father's Day (a great western on TV) and what my Mom was cooking him for dinner (a big steak and no veggies).  All, in all it was a great talk; and most of the time I could see his entire face on the screen.

Thanks, Dad for everything and Happy Belated Father's Day to you and all the Dad's out there!

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