Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Number 101 Already?

Today marks the 101st posting in Observations From The Nuthouse!  It has been an interesting and enlightening experience to say the least.  What started out as a fun little project for me has evolved into a fun, bigger project that I think helps me avoid visits to a psychiatrist.  So, this blog is not only helping to heal my head but allowing me to keep co-payments in my wallet.  I'm sure Cooper and Milo could find some interesting toys to buy with those saved dollars.

As you know, this blog has allowed me to report the crazy things that occur during my working day.  Sometimes seeing The Nuthouse happenings in print evokes a bit of disbelief.  Often, as I am reading it back (and checking for spelling errors), I find it almost impossible to understand how anyone would not think that I am making this stuff up.  Rest assured, the things that occur in The Nuthouse are true and factual; I sometimes am sad to admit that they are not exaggerated or inflated in any way.  Like I said in one of my early posts, the names have been changed to protect the insane.

You might ask, what did I discover after writing 100 blog posts about a crazy workplace filled with equally crazy people?  I discovered that I enjoy sitting down and writing three or four times a week.  While in school I really loved writing, as I became older, I sadly have gotten away from it.  I have also discovered that I actually like and appreciate where I work.  Don't get me wrong, I still think the place is chock full of nuts; but that being said, I work with a bunch of really nice people.  I realized this during the time when we were all stuck working from home.  We would check in with each other, (yes, concerning work), but also just to make sure that everyone was okay and keeping it together.  Speaking of the quarantine, I never missed a paycheck, my health insurance didn't lapse and I continued to accrue vacation time!  Not many people can say they were not financially affected in some way due to COVID-19; I was not and for that I will always be eternally grateful.  The Boss did not have to continue to pay us all (and we would not have been surprised if he didn't), yet he said we were a team and we would come back and the company would be stronger than before.

I appreciate you taking this comedic journey with me.  I hope you have enjoyed the first 100 postings and were able to find some form of entertainment in them.  I also am hopeful that after reading about The Nuthouse you can see your place of employment in a new light and realize it might not be as nuts as you once thought.

Thanks again for spending some time with me and if you have any questions or comments, send them my way!  Until next time Nutties!

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