Friday, June 19, 2020

Some Final Thoughts For the Week

This meme says it all; it has been a loooonnnng week!  Just a couple of items to update you on the goings on at The Nuthouse.
  • The Boss mentioned once again that the bubbler seems very loud on Frick and Fracks watery home. What does this man have against two harmless fish?  I'm going have to keep them now just to annoy him!
  • We were informed on three separate occasions today that The Boss has to come in over the weekend to mow the lawn.  My hope is that the wildlife has eaten the food garbage he has thrown out in the grass.  I'm glad I will not be here to witness his lawn mowing attire.
  • Drew interrupted me today to inform me that he had the highest SAT score in his class.  He is such a wise ass!  I think he may have said it loud enough for Mike to hear, but I cannot be sure.
  • The Boss is still rockin' the beard and has started stroking it when he speaks to others.  I wonder if he thinks it makes him look sinister?
  • Not only does The Boss make coffee in the most annoying way possible (click here for refresher on coffee making 101); I have noticed that he fills his cup beyond full and attempts to walk across the room.  Yup, spills it every f'in time! 
  • I haven't heard the story yet, but clumsy Wayne sustained another injury at some point this week.  It wasn't bad enough to need emergency care or time off, but I heard it was an injury none the less.
To say I am looking forward to the weekend is an understatement!  Have a great weekend Nutties; be safe, be kind, have fun and keep washing those hands!  Talk to you on Monday! 

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