Friday, April 10, 2020

A Big Decision Was Made Today

The Boss and I spoke a couple of times today and he came up with what I think is a good idea/decision.  Since our organization is classified as "essential" we have been able to go to work without repercussions from the authorities.  Except for those couple of days that the warehouse staff and I went into the facility, our office has been closed and the staff have been staying away.  Well, it looks like that might change a bit beginning next week.

He has decided that since business has been slowed dramatically, now would be an opportune time to get everything moved over to the Hobbes Street building.  This way, once the world opens back up for business, we will be set up and ready to go in our new building.  I have to admit this is a good idea and I know many of our staff members would agree.  Many have said they are going stir crazy at home because they have never spent this much time with their spouses and/or children at one time.

After we talked, we decided the best plan was to have a conference call and see if anyone was interested in the idea of coming in to pack and load the trailer.  We agreed, there would be no pressure on anyone to do so - he was going to say he and I will be going in next week to get some things done for the move and if anyone wanted to join, they were welcome to do so.  I notified everyone that we were having a conference call after lunch (so naps would have to be postponed for today) but I did not tell them what was going to be discussed.

After lunch everyone joined the call and The Boss relayed his plan - he and I were going into the office next week to get a jump on the move.  He told them if anyone was interested, they were welcome to join and help.  It didn't surprise me at all when everyone quickly agreed to attend and help get the move up and running.  They thought it was a great idea to do it when business was slow so we could hit the ground running when this is all over.  The Boss also reminded everyone that there is a large cache of toilet paper there if anyone needs some.  He clearly knows how to convince people during this difficult time. 😃

I have to admit, I am really looking forward to getting out of this house and be able to get something accomplished.  I would be lying if I didn't say I also had some reservations - no, not about the virus but about seeing and working with The Boss again.  Have I been away from him for so long that my "callus" to him isn't as thick and strong?  Is he going to drive me crazier than normal doing this task?  What if he has weeks worth of crazy bottled up that is just going to explode once he is back in the Nuthouse? God, I hope he is still on medication!  I guess it doesn't really matter - we were going to be officially back working in the Nuthouse at some point.  The best thing to do is to just rip the band aid off quickly - it will only hurt for a minute or two. 

Wow, I'm going back to the Nuthouse on Monday and everyone will be there too!  It's going to be weird - it's been too long!  I know you have all been missing The Boss stories; don't worry, I'm sure I will be able to adequately scratch that itch for you by lunch time Monday.

Enjoy your weekend and wash your hands you dirty little monkeys!

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